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Top tips for running your hot tub through winter

Combining the health benefits of a RotoSpa for you and your family through the colder months, and our energy-saving tips, there is no need to be without your RotoSpa this winter.

When bathing in a RotoSpa hot tub, the warm water and Hydro massage heat you from the core, helping to alleviate cold-induced aches and pains and helping you feel warmer for longer. It has also been proven that warm water opens up your blood vessels helping to increase blood flow and circulation which in turn gives your body’s immunity a boost, helping to prevent common ailments.

Through winter our body can suffer from a lack of sunshine which leads to a bout of ‘Winter Blues’. Regular bathing sessions in a RotoSpa can combat the winter blues by reducing stress and releasing our natural ‘feel good chemicals’, endorphins.


We understand that rising electricity costs are at the forefront of everybody’s minds, however with a RotoSpa you don’t have to sacrifice your wellbeing, follow our energy-saving tips below that will help reduce your electricity consumption.

Making the most of the features of your control system is the best way to reduce your energy consumption. Our smart Spa Net control systems have the best energy-saving features on the market and are continuously learning how best to keep your spa water clean and up to temperature in the most efficient way. There are also a few things you can do in addition, to further reduce energy consumption.

  • Always make sure the Venturi air controllers are in the ‘off’ position when the spa is not in use
  • Always put your spa back into ‘Auto’ mode when not in use
  • Save 25-35% on your electricity consumption by putting your SpaNet system into sleep mode at night. Setting the sleep timer overnight will reduce energy costs as the spa isn’t trying to maintain the heat at night when not in use. With built-in freeze protection, you will never have to worry about the water freezing when in sleep mode.
  • If you do not intend to use the spa for a few days, you can drop the temperature to as low as 12 degrees and turn it back up when you are ready to use it. We recommend this if you do not intend to use your spa for 3 or more days at a time.
  • Dropping the set temperature by 1 degree can have a noticeable impact on energy use, decrease your filtration settings to reduce the length of time your pump is running. During winter months your spa will call for heat more frequently, automatically circulating and filtrating the water as it heats. So during colder months, you can drop the filtration settings, safe in the knowledge your water will remain clean and filtered
  • Adding a temporary, removable surround around your spa to protect from cold winds and frost will also help
  • Replacing a heavy or waterlogged thermal cover will offer the best insulation to your RotoSpa and has been proven to save up to 14% on your electricity consumption. Replacement covers can be purchased HERE

We also offer a range of energy-saving air source heat pumps that can slash your energy costs by up to 75%! Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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