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Commercial heat pumps

Save over £1,000 per year with RotoSpa’s holiday let hot tub heat pump!

Holiday let air sourced heat pumps!

Investing in a heat pump puts money back in your pocket, turning energy bill expenses into savings. These features make it a cost-effective solution in the long run, leading to better cash flow and quicker ROI.

Save £1000s over years of ownership.


Savings mean the SV heat pump has essentially £0 cost.


Save over £1,000 annually.


Can be retrofitted to most hot tubs.

Our innovative heat pump for hot tubs significantly cuts running costs and significantly reduces heat up times resulting in faster changeover speed, ensuring your hot tub is ready for guests in no time.

Stop pouring money into the energy company’s pockets. Invest in the most advanced heat pump hot tub and watch your savings soar while providing your guests the luxury and relaxation they deserve.

commercial hot tub heat pump

Need help choosing the right heat pump for your holiday business?

Tired of giving your money to the energy company? Do your guests still wait a long time to heat the hot tub?
Time to upgrade to RotoSpa’s advanced hot tub heat pump!

Why choose RotoSpa SV series heat pumps?

It’s the most energy-efficient hot tub heat pump.
Air source heat pumps are an economical choice for heating pool or spa water, utilising minimal energy to produce substantial heat. By using refrigeration technology, our hot tub heat pump in the UK consumes less energy but generates 5X more heat, outperforming gas or electric heaters.
The RotoSpa SV series heat pump is incredibly energy-efficient, consuming 75% less energy than standard electric spa heaters and 55% less than natural gas heaters. This substantial reduction in electricity usage means you can affordably maintain your spa at the perfect temperature throughout the year, ultimately boosting your profits or hastening your return on investment.
The RotoSpa SV series hot tub heat pump speeds up changeover times, enhancing the guest experience. This advanced feature ensures that your spa reaches the desired temperature promptly, reducing the waiting period for guests and allowing them to maximise their time enjoying the facilities. This seamless transition adds luxury and convenience, reflecting positively on overall service quality.

Traditionally, spa controls could only heat water, making them unusable in warmer months due to high temperatures. The RotoSpa SV series heat pump can maintain your desired temperature between 5°C and 40°C, heating or cooling as necessary. This means you can comfortably use your spa pool all year round, regardless of the season.

The RotoSpa SV heat pump is ideal for holiday businesses committed to eco-friendly practices. Its refrigerant, R410A, doesn’t harm the ozone layer and delivers superior performance while using less power.

Key features and benefits at a glance



Designed for enhanced comfort
and a relaxing experience!
The EcoSpa Hot Tub Heat Pump is recognised globally as the quietest and most energy-efficient pool and spa inverter heating system available. Its patented design eliminates noise, while the rear air outlet minimises sound and directs cold air away, ensuring guest comfort.

Efficient performance

Enhances the guest experience
by speeding up changeover times.
The RotoSpa EcoSpa heat pump has an unmatched COP rating, ensuring exceptional energy savings. Operating at 50% capacity, it optimises energy consumption while maintaining a tranquil environment. The heat pump harnesses 90% of its energy from ambient air, enhancing efficiency.


Promoting green environment
to your industry
R32 gas, used in the EcoSpa Heat Pump, has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 675, significantly lower than R410A’s 2088 GWP. It’s more energy-efficient, reduces CO2 emissions and costs by 25%, and primarily uses air, a renewable energy source. This efficient performance produces less pollution and CO2 emissions than any other model on the market.

Cuts cost

Significantly cuts down
running costs!
Significantly cuts down
running costs!
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Enhances experience

The RotoSpa EcoSpa heat pump
has an unmatched COP rating
The RotoSpa EcoSpa heat pump
has an unmatched COP rating
Layer 33

100 % recyclable

Recyclable for environmental
Recyclable for environmental

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