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DuoSpa S240: A gem among small 2 person hot tubs

The DuoSpa is a stylish, affordable two to three person spa. Its compact design, smooth finish and flowing lines ensure it will complement your life and garden, patio, or balcony. It boasts two full depth naturally reclining positions and benefits from a world class hydrotherapy system.

£5495.00 £4495.00includes VAT

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Hot Tub

£5495.00 £4495.00includes VAT


Heat Pump


Seating: 2-3 persons
Water capacity: 550 litres
Dimensions: 1820 mm x 1210 x 700 mm deep

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Raving customer reviews:

The team are as awesome as the qualityHeith George
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“The team are as awesome as the quality of the Tub - always on hand to help and provide great service by British and buy the BEST !”
Excellent company to deal withMrs Oxenbold
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“Excellent company to deal with. We are very happy with our spa and would recommend this company to everyone. We had a small problem and the customer service was excellent. Totally satisfied.”
Great productJohn & Lesley
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“Recently bought our first tub. The service has been great and we would recommend anyone thinking of getting one, or up dating, to have a look at Rotospa.”

Escape the every day in your very own backyard oasis

Tired of the same old grind? Looking for a little slice of paradise right at home? Look no further than the RotoSpa DuoSpa S240 – the perfect compact hot tub for unwinding with your special someone.

With room for just 2-3 people, the DuoSpa S240 brings luxurious hydrotherapy right to your patio or garden. Its flowing curves and smooth finish blend seamlessly into your outdoor living space, transforming it into a private spa sanctuary.

A cosy yet roomy 2 person hot tub made for relaxation

Hot tubs conjure images of boisterous parties and crowded tubs. But who says you have to share your hydrotherapy experience with a crowd?

The DuoSpa S240 is a small 2 person hot tub expertly designed for cosy therapy sessions for two.

With two natural reclining seats, you and your partner can melt away the day’s stresses as the S240’s jets target tension at the neck, shoulders, back, and feet. Adjustable jets, air bubbles, and rotating nozzles provide a customized massage just for you.

Don’t let its compact size fool you. At 1.8m x 1.2m, the DuoSpa S240 delivers a complete hydrotherapy experience in a 2 person hot tub built for smaller backyards and cosy getaways.

Pure relaxation — built just for you

RotoSpa doesn’t simply stuff regular hot tubs into boxes. The DuoSpa S240 is engineered from the ground up for portable home hydrotherapy.

The secret lies in RotoSpa’s innovative moulding process. Seamlessly shaped from durable revolutionary ultra-high blow polyethene foam, the S240’s one-piece shell eliminates the need for timber and metal frames.

The result? A lightweight, solid hot tub tailor-made for relaxing at home.

Energy-efficient hot tubbing

With energy prices soaring, you want a well-insulated hot tub that retains heat and keeps running costs low.

RotoSpa’s unique revolutionary ultra-high blow polyethene foam insulation system encases the DuoSpa S240 for maximum heat retention.

The S240’s energy-efficient pump and heater keep your energy bills up to 35% lower than similar hot tubs while delivering relaxing hydrotherapy on demand.

UK’s only hot tub manufacturer

The DuoSpa S240 isn’t just designed in Britain – it’s proudly made here too.

As the UK’s sole hot tub manufacturer, RotoSpa oversees every step of production. From design concept to final testing, we control quality from start to finish right here in Britain.

By engineering and building our hot tubs locally, we can guarantee quick, responsive support throughout your hot tub’s lifetime.

While most brands outsource production overseas, RotoSpa keeps manufacturing on British soil. It’s our commitment to delivering the very best hot tubs proudly made in Britain.

Portable relaxation — take it anywhere

Life’s too short to be stuck in one place. The beauty of the DuoSpa S240 is its portability and flexibility.

Weighing just 90kg empty, the DuoSpa S240 is lighter than any outdoor spa. Its compact dimensions let it fit through most gateways and doorways (71cm or wider).

Transform your tiny balcony into an urban oasis. The compact DuoSpa S240 slots perfectly into small spaces, bringing luxurious hydrotherapy to patios, terraces, and rooftops.

Easily installed and maintained

Typical portable hot tubs involve difficult installation and maintenance – not with the DuoSpa S240.

Its lightweight design eliminates the need for cranes or hoists. Simply place the empty spa in position and connect the components.

The DuoSpa S240 looks after itself with a built-in ozone filtration system. Ozone naturally sanitises the water, keeping it fresh and clean with fewer chemicals.

User-friendly controls let you set the temperature, jet pressure, and filtration cycles with ease. Maintenance is simple, leaving you more time to relax and unwind.

Lifetime shell and cabinet guarantee

Here at RotoSpa, we have full confidence in the quality of our portable hot tubs. That’s why the DuoSpa S240 comes with a lifetime guarantee on the shell.

Both shell and cabinet are engineered to last. When you buy a DuoSpa S240, you’re investing in a lifelong companion for relaxation.

100% recyclable construction

We care deeply about the environment at RotoSpa. That’s why sustainability is fundamental to the DuoSpa S240’s design.

The hot tub and its components use materials that are almost 100% recyclable. Even the insulation can be recycled.

Invest in a DuoSpa S240 and you’re investing in better sustainability. Reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint as you unwind in your own private, eco-friendly oasis.

The DuoSpa S240 is more than just a hot tub – it’s a passport to paradise

This compact 2 person hot tub uk delivers luxury features in a portable package designed for cosy hydrotherapy sessions:

  • Energy-efficient performance – save on running costs
  • Relaxing massage jets – ease muscle tensions
  • Made in Britain – quality engineering and support
  • Smooth, lightweight shell – one-piece seamless construction
  • Ozone water sanitisation – clearer, fresher water
  • Recyclable materials – kinder to the environment
  • Backed by our lifetime shell and cabinet guarantee

With the DuoSpa S240, you don’t need a huge outdoor space to relax in sublime comfort. Its compact footprint slots perfectly into smaller backyards, patios and terraces.

Bring a slice of luxury home and make every day a spa day with the DuoSpa S240!

Size: 1820 mm x 1210 x 700 mm deep (small 2 person hot tubs)
Weight: 90 kg empty, 600 kg filled with H2O
Capacity: 550 litres of soothing water
Jets: 24 x luxury hydro jet package including, 12 x turbo hydro air jets, 2 x 3″ rotating upper back and shoulder massage jets, 2 x 3″ directional upper back and shoulder massage jets, 2 x 3’ rotating mid-back massage jet, 2 x 3” lower back rotating lower back massage jets, 2 x 3” lower back directional  lower back massage jets, 2 x 3” sole soothing directional foot jet, and 1 x ozone jet
Seating: 2-3 persons of relaxed seating (2 adults and a child)
Electrical Supply: 240V 13 amp ‘plug & play’ or alternative 240V 16 amp hard wired
Heating: 2kW titanium corrosion-resistant heating element
Pump: Efficient 1.5 hp 2 Speed pump, turbo air blower
Controls: Intelligent, PowerSmart Spa control system
Headrests: 2 relaxed headrests
Lights: 12 mood-setting LED colours
Insulation: Our revolutionary ultra-high blow polyethylene foam spa insulation throughout the entire cabinet, spa base and rear of the spa shell
Water Care: Sanitising ozone technology
Cover: Lockable cover keeps things cosy
Air Control: ‘Silent’ air control system (adjusts air stream in hydro jets, increasing massage intensity)

Integrating a RotoSpa hot tub with an air-sourced heat pump not only yields substantial energy savings but also comes with an attractive financial option: 0% finance with just a 20% deposit.

This means you can choose to invest in this eco-friendly and cost-effective heating solution without feeling the immediate financial pressure.

With this financing plan, the heat pump can be paid off in 36 monthly instalments of just £57, a figure that interestingly aligns with the average monthly energy savings.

Essentially, you have the choice: pay £57 a month towards owning your heat pump, or continue paying the energy company the same amount indefinitely for higher energy costs.

This financing arrangement makes the switch to a more sustainable heating option not just environmentally sensible, but financially savvy, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of your RotoSpa hot tub with peace of mind and minimal financial impact.

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