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Dual purpose ice bath and hot tub

Experience the ice bath revolution

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The daily grind

Experience the rejuvenating power of our therapeutic ice bath—a sanctuary for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and those seeking mental clarity. 

After intense training or an exhausting day, our innovative cold therapy spa provides holistic healing, speeding up muscle recovery and easing aches. 

Beyond the physical, it sharpens the mind, enhancing resilience and focus.

Join top athletes and proactive individuals who’ve discovered the benefits of our cold spa. Dive in and let RotoSpa revitalise your well-being!

Cold Spa

RotoSpa ice bath

Tailored to address your modern-day needs

Accelerated recovery

Immerse yourself in 5˚C water and feel the transformative power of cold immersion. Designed to combat muscle inflammation, flush out toxins, and hasten recovery, it's a game-changer in physical therapy.

Mental oasis

Recharge your mind. Cold immersion boosts dopamine and noradrenaline levels while providing a sanctuary from daily stresses, offering unparalleled mental clarity.

Active weight management

Let the ice bath do the heavy lifting. As your body works to warm up, it actively burns stored fat, promoting weight loss and revitalizing your energy.

Cutting-edge technology​

With RotoSpa's advanced cooling, the water remains consistently at 5˚C. Paired with a heat pump, it transitions from a refreshing 5 degrees to a snug 40 degrees in just 4 hours.

Revolutionary aeration system

Experience the difference. RotoSpa's unique aeration ensures the water feels cooler, offering a more intense and invigorating spa experience.

Dual purpose

Go from 5˚C to 37.5˚C in a matter of hours.

Don't settle for less when you deserve the best

Step into a world where cutting-edge technology meets relaxation. Experience the future with RotoSpa Ice Bath.

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