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Commercial, HSG282 compliant, hot tubs: Boost your bookings with premium UK-made hot tubs!

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Commercial grade hot tub made in the UK
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Whether you own a holiday park, manage holiday lets, operate glamping sites or run any form of holiday accommodation, prioritising guest satisfaction is crucial. One bad review can undo hundreds of happy customers.

Yet, despite your best efforts, one common complaint often emerges:

‘This place would be perfect if only it had a hot tub!’

We get it. Hot tubs sound nice, but they come with a whole host of headaches:​

  • Reliability issues and expensive breakdowns that lead to refunds.
  • Astronomical energy bills that eat away at profits.
  • Endless water testing and chemical balancing to stay HSG282 compliant.
  • Hard-to-find replacement parts when something goes wrong.
  • Potentially dangerous set-ups that leave you liable for injuries.
  • Hot tubs are bad for the environment and not recyclable.

The list goes on. And who has time for that? You've got a business to run.

To address these issues, we’ve introduced the RotoSpa line of HSG282 compliant hot tubs. They provide all the benefits of having a hot tub on-site without the stress. How? Let’s count the ways…

Achieve up to 75% savings on energy costs

The most energy efficient HSG282 compliant hot tubs on the market!

  • Hot tubs are the number one requirement in holidaymaker online searches.
  • Hot tubs increase occupancy by up to 25%.
  • 64% of holidaymakers surveyed said they will be taking more UK holidays over the next 3 years.
  • Holiday accommodation with hot tubs receive up to 45% higher revenues than those without.
  • Holiday accommodation with hot tubs are TWICE as likely to receive guest reviews of 9/10 or higher.
  • Highly reviewed properties are up to 6x more likely to be fully booked.
  • Hoseasons reveals hot tubs boost UK booking revenue by 42%.

Discover the RotoSpa HSG282 compliant range for holiday parks

Click the spas below for features and specifications

PodSpa HSG282 hot tub

people 2 3jets 8Group 3217recycle hot tubWhatSpa HP Best Buy Award 2024 RotoSpa Escape web

Seeking to offer a touch of intimate luxury without the extravagant price tag…

Serenity HSG282 hot tub

people 5 6jets 26Group 3217recycle hot tub

HSG282 Compliant No more compliance nightmares Sleep like a baby knowing you re…

Escape HSG282 hot tub

people 5 6jets 16Group 3217recycle hot tubWhatSpa HP Best Buy Award 2024 RotoSpa Escape web

Ever dreamt of blending luxury with relaxation in your park Of offering an…

Why RotoSpa and holiday parks are the perfect match

Local parts & expert support

RotoSpa stands as the UK’s sole hot tub manufacturer, ensuring unparalleled reliability and eliminating the concerns of costly breakdowns that could impact your business. 

Unlike most hot tub companies, we guarantee prompt parts delivery and swift issue resolution. Our dedicated UK-based support team is always on hand, offering immediate assistance 24/7. 

Plus, we provide free consultations to our valued partners, ensuring that our RotoSpa holiday hot tubs are perfectly tailored to meet specific needs and requirements.

Built to last (100% recyclable)

Thanks to our unique and advanced dual-shot moulding, which is the best way to make hot tubs, we’ve created top-tier hot tubs built to last!

Unlike acrylic variants, Rotospa holiday hot tubs are also 100% recyclable, positioning us as a global leader in durable, eco-friendly, and sustainable hot tub production! 

Lacking joints, seals, or screws, our hot tubs are practically indestructible. There’s no rotting wood to replace or leaks to seal. The durable one-piece shell withstands bumps and scrapes during transport without damage. 

Resistant to UV rays, your RotoSpa retains its vibrant appearance, looking new for years, regardless of what that British weather may throw at it.

Save up to 75% on energy costs

At RotoSpa, our commitment is to help our partners minimise overhead costs, ensuring they get the best value.

Most hot tubs, depending on the model, heat up in 3.5 to 5 hours with a heat pump, cutting energy costs by as much as 75%.

For faster heating, our gas or biomass-powered heat exchangers are ideal for commercial use, heating a Duospa in just 1 hour.

In line with health and safety guidelines, water should be changed after each group of guests. Our efficient heating solutions ensure your spa is ready between checkouts at 10 am and new arrivals by 3 pm.

Easy maintenance

Our advanced filtration system ensures crystal-clear, hygienic water by removing debris and inhibiting bacterial growth on the smooth interior. We provide all necessary chemicals and tools for optimal spa maintenance.

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Free maintenance training valued at over £1,000!

Even the most durable hot tubs require proper maintenance to ensure excellent running condition. In line with this, we are happy to offer our valued customers and partners with complimentary training on chemical upkeep, eliminating any guesswork. 

While most companies charge over £1,000 for such training, we offer this training for FREE! With RotoSpa, you’re not just buying a hot tub; you’re gaining a lifetime of unparalleled support!

100% compliant safety

We adhere to the strictest interpretation of HSG282 guidelines. Our hot tubs feature tamper-proof controls, disinfection systems, tough locking covers, and more. Safety is never sacrificed for cost savings. You can rest easy knowing your guests are protected.

Superior hydrotherapy

Strategically placed jets target the neck, back, shoulders, thighs and more, providing total body relaxation. The soothing warm water loosens your guests’ tight muscles, eases joint pain, and melts stress away. Your guests will be rejuvenated and raving about their stay.

Don’t wait! Contact us today to learn more about our HSG282 Compliant Hot Tubs perfect for holiday parks and start maximising your bookings. We’re happy to provide references from other delighted park owners too.

See the RotoSpa Serenity in action

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See the RotoSpa Escape in action

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Enhance your earnings: Income comparison with and without a hot tub

Lodges /caravans

With RotoSpa - +25% fill rate, +40% weekly rate

No of Units: 20

Revenue increase £377,600

*Excludes purchase price and running costs

To view the full comparison chart, click on the image below.

Holiday cottage

With RotoSpa - +25% fill rate, +40% weekly rate

No of Units: 1

Revenue increase £17,760

*Excludes purchase price and running costs

To view the full comparison chart, click on the image below.


With RotoSpa - +25% fill rate, +40% weekly rate

No of Units: 1

Revenue increase £5,750

*Excludes purchase price and running costs

To view the full comparison chart, click on the image below.
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