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Hot tub FAQs

If something should go wrong with the pump how accessible is it?

Your warranty gives you complete peace of mind, let us worry about that in the unlikely event of it happening. However, if you do need to access the pump you can do so by doing the following: remove the decorative side panel to access the inner cabinet door, remove the 4 screws to gain access to all the electrical equipment.

Very simple, Sanitiser and PH level being the main parameters to balance. We deliver and handover every spa to ensure you are confident and understand how to maintain the spa water. The spa is delivered with a chemical starter pack and water tester, the pack includes everything you need to start enjoying your spa. Maintaining the water quality requires a simple test, taking a sample of water from the spa, adding a test tablet to the sample and comparing the colour of the water to the test chart. This will then tell you what needs to be added to maintain water quality.

Ideally we would recommend a solid flat base for your spa. i.e a concrete base, patio or decking. We would recommend avoiding placing your spa on grass as the ground can become saturated and will encourage soil and grass being carried into the water.

Our spas range from 600kg to 1200kg once filled with water. We take you through the requirements prior to delivery to ensure everything is suitable and ready for a stress-free install.

With the ambient temperature being lower the spa will cost more to run in the winter, however due to our unique Rototherme insulation you can rest easy that you have one of the most economical, lowest running cost spa’s available. There is no better time to use your spa than in the winter, the experience can be magical and opens up your garden 365 days of the year. Use the room in your house that you never knew you had…

With the higher ambient temperatures experienced in summer you can expect to be amazed at how economical it is to run a Rotospa. If you are energy conscious, we offer an upgrade allowing you to heat your spa using an air source heat pump, THE most efficient way to heat your spa water cutting your total running costs by up to 75%!

Yes, not only can you buy with convenience online, but we also offer a bespoke in-house experience where you can come to our showroom and wet test our full range to see which spa fits your needs.

You will be looked after by a dedicated expert who can answer any questions you may have and why not have a glass of complementary champagne while you are with us! We deliver and install all our spas. We do not outsource to 3rd party delivery companies; this is to ensure consistency and our high customer service levels are met, we do all the hard work so you can sit back and relax.

Our delivery team ensures you are confident and happy before leaving site. Our aftercare team follow up with you at regular intervals to ensure any questions you may have are answered and don’t forget we are always there at the end of the phone for you.

Lifetime warranty on our unique, tough, one piece shell and cabinet structure, 2 years parts 1-year labour. Being British made, you can buy with confidence and know you will have many years relaxation and peace of mind.
From an ambient temperature of 10 degrees to a set temperature of 37 degrees it can take up to 16 hours in winter and as little as 6 hours in summer as the ambient temperature is higher. Once it has reached its set temperature it then maintains this so your spa is ready to use when you want to relax, 365 days of the year. If fitted with an air source heat pump the spa can heat in a fraction of the time, so if you are looking to purchase for a holiday let and need a reduced initial heat up time then we have bespoke options to meet your needs

An air-sourced heat pump is an energy-efficient device that extracts heat from the air to heat water. When integrated with a RotoSpa hot tub, it efficiently maintains the desired water temperature, reducing the energy required compared to traditional heating methods.

When you combine an air-sourced heat pump with your RotoSpa hot tub, you can expect savings of over £600 per year. This is due to the high efficiency of the heat pump in maintaining water temperature with significantly lower energy consumption.

How long does it take to do the initial setup?

Our delivery team will have the spa in position within 30 minutes. Once filled with water, which on average takes around 1 hour, they will then take you through the full operation of the spa including how to maintain the water quality. We do not set a time frame on the handover to you, we spend as much time with you as needed and do not leave site until you are happy.

Checking the water balance regularly is the main requirement to ensure optimum water quality. We recommend you clean the inline filter weekly and then keep your spa cover and cabinet clean with a simple weekly wipe down.

We offer a number of service options, our most popular being the Care Plan, which offers an all-inclusive, piece of mind package meaning you get 20% off all consumables and parts, no call out charges and an annual Platinum Spa Service to ensure optimum performance.

If the water quality is maintained as per the instructions, it can last for up to 3 months!

Rotospas are UK manufacturer Roto moulded spas. The spas you may have seen elsewhere are likely to be acrylic spas. Rotospas are specifically designed to be portable and energy efficient. They can be easily moved around which means we nearly never have to use a crane to deliver them. We have never personally had a delivery that was not possible by hand. They have built in insulation which means there is no need for any nasty expanding foam or suchlike and are super eco friendly.

Our spas unique moulding process means that our spas do not feature a separate shell and cabinet. Our monocoque structure is the strongest available on the market and we stand by this with our lifetime shell warranty, our shells will never rot, crack or de laminate. All our spas are designed with limited access in mind, hence the lower profile, however this does not mean that our spas are smaller. Our defined seating positions utilise the internal space and ensure our spas can comfortably accommodate up to 6 adults.

Our spas will last a lifetime, however if you feel the time has come to change your spa you can return it to Rotospa and every element will be recycled. Rotospa’s have the lowest carbon footprint of any spa available in the UK, why? because they are made in the UK. Rest easy that at the end of its life every element of the spa can be fully recycled!

This will depends on what your needs are. Our spas range from £3650 – £5595. We will always do our best to understand your needs and pair you with the spa that we think would suit them. Whether you are looking for a party tub, hydrotherapy benefits or simply some well-deserved you time we have the spa for you.

This is done via the topside touchpad and simply operating the temp up or temp down button. Or it can be done through Wi-Fi via your mobile phone!

RotoSpa hot tubs are designed with sustainability in mind. Every component, from the shell to the insulation, is made from materials that can be completely recycled. This means that at the end of its long life, each part of the hot tub can be processed and reused, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

While our hot tubs are designed for longevity, we are committed to environmental stewardship. Recyclability is a key aspect of this commitment. By ensuring our hot tubs are 100% recyclable, we guarantee that, in the rare event they are no longer usable, they won’t contribute to landfill waste.

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