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The ultimate 2 person hot tub experience for holiday parks, holiday lets, glamping sites or any holiday accomodation business!

Seeking to offer a touch of intimate luxury without the extravagant price tag? Want to provide couples with a serene space to unwind and reconnect? Step into the world of the PodSpa, our most affordable yet premium hot tub tailored for two!

Save £1000+ annually on power bills*

Easily moved & installed

Easy maintenance

UKs only hot tub manufacturer

100% Recyclable

Greetings, holiday business partners!

Seeking to offer a touch of intimate luxury without the extravagant price tag? Want to provide couples with a serene space to unwind and reconnect? Step into the world of the PodSpa, our most affordable yet premium hot tub tailored for two!

Navigating these familiar waters?

  • Budget balancing: Want to offer luxury without the hefty invoice?
  • Space considerations: Need a solution that complements those cosy corners?
  • Guest diversity: Aiming to cater to both couples and solo travellers?
  • Winter booking lull: Seeking to offer a warm haven during the colder months?
  • Maintenance matters: Looking for a hassle-free, low-maintenance solution?

Introducing the PodSpa: A cosy retreat for two

HSG282 compliant: Sleep soundly with the assurance of top-tier compliance and safety.

Energy efficient: The PodSpa isn’t just wallet-friendly at the outset; it continues to save with up to 75% cheaper operational costs than other models.

Designed for duos: Crafted with couples in mind, offering a snug space to relax and rejuvenate.

Compact elegance: Seamlessly fits into tighter spaces, ensuring luxury even in compact areas.

Low maintenance: More moments of relaxation, fewer moments of repair.

Proudly made in the UK: A promise of quality and craftsmanship

Swift parts delivery: Quick solutions to ensure your guests’ relaxation isn’t interrupted.

Ozone filtration: Pristine waters for a consistently refreshing soak.

Picture the tranquility

Imagine a tranquil evening. The ambience is just right, and there’s a couple, deeply engrossed in quiet conversation, enjoying the gentle embrace of the PodSpa. They’ll leave with cherished memories, sharing tales of their peaceful retreat, and eagerly planning their next visit.

A touch of romance in every ripple

The PodSpa is more than just a hot tub; it’s a haven for couples. Whether it’s honeymooners seeking a romantic soak or long-time partners looking for a quiet moment together, the PodSpa offers that romantic touch.

In a nutshell…

In the realm of holiday business, it’s the thoughtful touches that make all the difference. With the PodSpa, you’re offering couples a space to reconnect, relax, and rekindle. It’s not just a hot tub; it’s an experience, a memory-maker, and a testament to your commitment to guest satisfaction.

So, holiday business owners are you ready to add a sprinkle of romance and a dash of luxury to your offerings? Dive into the world of the PodSpa and watch as couples choose your park for their special moments, time and time again!

  • Inline disinfectant tablet feeder

    Provides 24-hour constant sanitisation and residual disinfectant to kill bacteria. Complies with HSG282 Section 76.

  • Automatic ozone water purification

    Automatically provides additional natural disinfectant which provides sanitisation and reduces chemical usage. Kills 99% of waterborne bacteria and viruses’ giving safe, crystal-clear water. Complies with HSG282 Section 76.

  • 100% circulation plumbing

    Spa water is circulated through all pipes and jets all of the time, with no booster pump circuits for water to sit in

  • Silent air boost control

    Increases hydrotherapy by injecting air into the water stream

  • Intelligent PowerSmart Spa Control System

    Dynamic thermal tuning
    Smart Filtration
    Auto Daily Sanitise
    Remote Wi-Fi Access
    Programmable Sleep Period
    Heat Pump Interface

  • Lockable touchpad

    User controls the pump and light functions only

  • Lighting

    LED master light and illuminated touchpad

  • Remote support

    WiFi-enabled (optional)

  • Lockable touchpad

    Prohibits unauthorised changes to spa functionality

  • Insulated lockable thermal hard cover

    Keeps your heat in and everything else out


1820 mm x 1210 x 700 mm deep
Portable Unique one-piece shell
Flexible installation options Freestanding or built-into environment
Dry weight 90kg (600 kg when filled)
Seating 2-3 persons
Water capacity 500-550 litres
Rapid drain Drain downtime 4 minutes (standard)
Electrical supply 240V 13A – 20A dependent on heater choice
Pump 1.5 hp, 2-speed pump (2 pumps in 1)
Filtration Auto cleanse smart filtration
Heating options
  • 2kW corrosion-resistant element (standard)
  • 3kW corrosion-resistant element
  • 1.1kW heat pump gives 5.5kW heating output
  • 1.6kW heat pump gives 8.8kW heating output (saves 70%-80% running costs)
  • Heat exchanger for connection to gas, oil and biomass boilers – giving the fastest heat-up time
  • 8 x luxury hydrojets package to include the following interchangeable jets:
  • 3 x 3” rotating massage jets, 5 x 3” directional eyeball jets
Insulation & durability Lockable thermal hard cover, unique RotoTherm spa insulation throughout the entire cabinet, spa base and rear of the spa shell. Hard-wearing tough spa shell with a lifetime warranty.
Colour options Granite grey or light grey with teak or dark grey wood effect panels
Drain down, clean, refill & heat-up time From 30 minutes


Raving customer reviews:

The team are as awesome as the qualityHeith George
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“The team are as awesome as the quality of the Tub - always on hand to help and provide great service by British and buy the BEST !”
Excellent company to deal withMrs Oxenbold
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“Excellent company to deal with. We are very happy with our spa and would recommend this company to everyone. We had a small problem and the customer service was excellent. Totally satisfied.”
Great productJohn & Lesley
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“Recently bought our first tub. The service has been great and we would recommend anyone thinking of getting one, or up dating, to have a look at Rotospa.”
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