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Hot Tub Heat Pump

Slash your hot tub energy bills by up to 75% with an air sourced heat pump

Save over £600 per year by adding a heat pump to your hot tub

WhatSpa ASHP Best Buy Award 2024 SpaNET SN HP 55P

RotoSpa’s hot tub heat pump’s are a game-changer for hot tub owners, allowing homeowners to save up to 75% on their energy bills.

The pump maintains consistent water temperatures, ensuring your hot tub is always ready for a relaxing soak. With its low maintenance and ease of use, our hot tub heat pump is an essential addition for an enhanced home spa experience.

Save £1000s over years of ownership.


Free heat pump installation valued at £495! Terms and conditions apply.


RotoSpa Heat Pump has essentially a £0 cost.


Can be retrofitted to most hot tubs.

residential hot tub heat pump

Why let your energy bills be higher than they need to be?

Invest in a RotoSpa hot tub heat pump and watch your savings grow. This smart upgrade not only cuts down on energy costs but also pays for itself. With potential
savings of over £2,000 in three years, the heat pump essentially becomes a cost-neutral addition, as the savings on your energy bills will cover the fixed monthly pay-
ments. It’s an investment that not only enhances your hot tub experience but also benefits your wallet, offering significant yearly savings of over £600!
hot tub heat pump

We offer 0% finance
for all RotoSpa heat pumps!

With our advanced air source heat pump, you can significantly reduce your spa bills and accelerate the heating process, ensuring your hot tub is ready for you and your family in no time. 

Stop giving your money to your energy provider. Invest in a cutting-edge hot tub heat pump and watch your savings skyrocket while providing your family with the luxury and relaxation they deserve in the comfort of your home.

Air source heat pumps

eco spa heat pump
The world’s quietest and most
energy-efficient pool and spa
heating system.
includes VAT
SN HP 22 F 1
SV Series heat pump
Save over £600 Annually with
a RotoSpa SV series
heat pump!
includes VAT

Why Choose RotoSpa SV series heat pumps?

The RotoSpa SV series is the only integrated heat pump on the market, merging heating and cooling hot tub water.
It also stands out for its unmatched energy efficiency, durability and overall performance.
Here are the reasons many people are now investing in RotoSpa SV heat pumps:

It’s the most energy-efficient hot tub heat pump.
The RotoSpa SV series air source heat pump is the prime and cost-effective option for heating your pool or spa water, utilising minimal energy to generate substantial heat. By utilising the advanced refrigeration technology, our hot tub heat pump UK consumes LESS ENERGY while producing 5X MORE HEAT, outshining traditional gas or electric heaters.

If you have a RotoSpa hot tub its likely an SV heat pump can be added to your existing hot tub. Please contact us to find out more. 

The RotoSpa SV series heat pump stands out from other refrigerants as it does not contribute to ozone depletion and delivers superior performance while using less power.

The RotoSpa SV series heat pump transforms spa pools into year-round retreats, offering both heating and cooling options. Now, you can enjoy a refreshing cold spa experience even in the heat, with temperatures as low as 5°C, making it perfect for any season.

The RotoSpa SV series hot tub heat pump enhances your home spa experience significantly quicker heat up times. This advanced feature ensures that your spa reaches the desired temperature promptly and efficiently, giving you and your family more time to enjoy and relax.

hot tub heat pump

Eco Spa heat pump features



Designed for enhanced comfort
and a relaxing experience!
The RotoSpa EcoSpa Hot Tub Heat Pump is globally recognised as the quietest and most energy-efficient pool and spa inverter heating system available. Its patented design eliminates all possible noise for a silent performance, while the rear air outlet ensures noise is minimised and cold air is directed away. This provides you with enhanced comfort and a relaxing hot tub experience!

Efficient performance

The RotoSpa EcoSpa heat pump
has an unmatched COP rating
The RotoSpa EcoSpa Heat unit boasts an unparalleled COP rating, guaranteeing exceptional energy savings. Operating at 50% capacity, the heat pump optimises energy consumption while maintaining a tranquil environment for your relaxation. The EcoSpa heat pump’s design enables it to harness 90% of its energy from ambient air, enhancing its efficiency.

Eco-friendly design

Promoting green environment
to your industry
R32 gas is a cutting-edge refrigerant with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 675, significantly lower than the 2088 GWP of R410A. It’s not only more energy-efficient but also reduces CO2 emissions and costs by 25%. The EcoSpa Heat primarily uses air, a renewable energy source, reducing energy consumption and running costs. Furthermore, its efficient performance produces less pollution and CO2 emissions than any other model available on the market.
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Integrated energy-saving feature:

The integrated heat pump uses powerful programmable off-peak heating and filtration, dynamic thermal tuning, and convenient away & weekend operating modes for optimum efficiency and flexibility.

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Automatic heating & cooling of spa water:

The water temperature will automatically adjust to your preferred setting, between 5°C to 40°C.

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Effortlessly adjust the temperature using the spa-side keypad:

The set temperature can be easily adjusted up or down via the SV spa-side keypad. The control system will then automatically respond, heating or cooling as needed to bring the water to the new desired temperature.

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Correctly sequenced start-up & shutdown of heat pump components:

The SV seamlessly controls the heat pump’s functions, ensuring all components operate in the correct sequence for optimal performance and longevity. It also intelligently manages low temperatures and defrosting needs, maintaining reliable operation in all conditions.

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SV element boost
(heat pump + RotoSpa SV heater) for rapid heat recovery:

A user-adjustable menu option allows activation of the SV electric element alongside the heat pump, enhancing heating and significantly reducing heat recovery times. This feature is perfect for when spas are emptied and refilled or when a substantial water temperature increase is required quickly.

RotoSpa EcoSpa Heat Pump features

The RotoSpa SV series is the only integrated heat pump on the market, merging heating and cooling features.
It also stands out for its unmatched energy efficiency, durability and overall performance.
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