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RotoSpa SV series heat pump

Save over £600 Annually with a RotoSpa SV series heat pump!

Investing in a RotoSpa SV hot tub heat pump means you’re effectively rerouting the money that would have gone to your energy provider back into your own pocket.

Rather than constantly dealing with high energy bills, opt for a one-time heat pump investment or spread the cost over 36 months with our 0% finance option.

Can be retrofitted to most RotoSpa hot tub models. Please get in touch with us for more info.

£2995.00includes VAT

Product Description

Introducing the RotoSpa SV hot tub heat pump! This state-of-the-art air source heat pump is designed to reduce running costs and enhance your overall spa experience significantly! Save more and enjoy more with the world’s most efficient spa heater! 

Key features and benefits

  • The RotoSpa SV series is the first integrated heat pump available in the market. 
  • Generates up to up to 8.8kW from just 1.6kW energy use giving you upt 7.2kW at no extra cost.
  • Achieves 550% greater efficiency compared to a standard electric element heater.
  • Slash your heating costs by up to 75% on every power bill! 
  • Save around £600 per year on heating an average 5-6 person spa pool compared to electric element heating, with even more savings on larger spas.
  • The heat pump pays for itself through monthly power savings and then continues to save you money for the duration of your spa’s life.
  • Without a heat pump, you’ll not only spend what you could have saved on the pump itself in increased electricity bills, but you’ll also pay thousands more over time to heat your spa.

Tired of giving your money to your energy provider? Time to invest in a highly efficient heat pump and save thousands on your power bills every year for the life of the spa! 

Free heat pump installation valued at £495! Terms and conditions apply. 

The RotoSpa EcoSpa hot tub heat pump is highly efficient and the world’s quietest inverter heating system for hot tubs and pools. With this addition, you save over £600 from your annual energy bills! Rather than constantly dealing with high energy bills, you make a one-time investment in a heat pump and commit to a fixed payment plan for 36 months.

Once the initial 36-month period ends, the true savings begin, effectively making the heat pump self-financing with the money saved on energy costs. In this sense, the heat pump becomes almost “free,” as it pays for itself through the accumulated savings.

  • Enjoy £1,000 in savings over the lifespan of your ownership.
  • The savings effectively render the cost of the EcoSpa heat pump to virtually £0.

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