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RotoSpa eco spa heat pumps

Introducing the EcoSpa Heat Pump: the world’s quietest and most energy-efficient pool and spa heating system. With its unique, patented design, it virtually eliminates noise, ensuring your outdoor relaxation remains uninterrupted.

The EcoSpa’s rear air outlet also smartly channels cold air away from your leisure space for ultimate comfort. Embrace the silent, sustainable warmth with EcoSpa – the soundless solution to poolside bliss.

  • Slash over £600 per annum with RotoSpa EcoSpa air source heat pump!
  • Free heat pump installation valued at £495! Terms and conditions apply.
  • 0% Finance available
  • It can be retrofitted to most hot tubs. Please contact us for more info.

£2995.00includes VAT

Product Description

Key features and benefits

  • It is the world’s quietest inverter heater with an average sound level of just 43dB(A) at a 1-metre distance—quiet as your fridge! 
  • The EcoSpa Heat pump’s exceptional Coefficient of Performance (COP) offers unmatched heating efficiency with optimal energy savings and quiet operation at 50% capacity for a serene relaxation experience.
  • Benefit from the unique, highly efficient air stream technology, incorporating the Mitsubishi Twin-Rotary DC Inverter Compressor and DC Brushless Fan Motor for superior performance.
  • Harnessing advanced design technology, the EcoSpa heat pump captures an average of 90% free energy from the ambient air.
  • The EcoSpa Heat stands out for its eco-efficiency, producing less pollution and CO2 emissions than any other model currently available.
  • Can be retrofitted to most hot tubs. Please contact us for more info.

Tired of giving your money to your energy provider? Time to invest in a highly efficient heat pump and save thousands on your power bills every year for the life of the spa! 

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