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High-Quality Hot Tubs Made Exclusively for UK Conditions

Affordable, energy-efficient, easy to install and maintain with a lifetime of benefits

“Amazing products at a really good price. All made in Great Britain too. If you want to indulge and add something special to your out door space give these guys a call. You won’t be disappointed at all.” – Google Review

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Commercial grade hot tub made in the UK

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What are you looking for?

Discover your ideal hot tub with this simple helper. Whether you’re a large family, a couple or a holiday park, we’ve got you covered.

Boost your bookings and your ROI with energy saving HSG282 compliant hot tubs, perfect for your hotel, holiday park, AirBnB, Spa, etc.

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What makes RotoSpa unique?

For over two decades, our dedicated R&D team and highly skilled engineers have collaborated to develop a revolutionary approach to hot tub manufacturing. This sets a new benchmark in the spa industry! Here’s what makes RotoSpa different from the rest of our competitors:

Innovative manufacturing process

We've revolutionised the hot tub manufacturing industry. By utilising our unique dual shot-moulding technology and Ultra-High Blow Polyethylene Foam Insulation, we have produced the most durable, sustainable and energy-efficient hot tubs in the global market!

Locally crafted right here in the UK

RotoSpa is the UK’s sole hot tub manufacturer. We believe that UK homes and holiday parks have specific and unique requirements. At RotoSpa, we design and build premium hot tubs tailored specifically for homes and businesses.

100% recyclable!

Our hot tubs are now 100% recyclable, the most sustainable option in the global market! Not that you will ever need to recycle it, as they are designed to last a lifetime!

Hassle-free installation and easy maintenance

Its lightweight but strong structure allows you to easily move it around your garden or transport it. And unlike the standard 15-minute water circulation, our Ultra High Filtration System activates every 8 minutes for fresher and cleaner water.

Lifetime shell guarantee

As a global leader in innovating hot tubs for more than two decades, we are confident in the quality of our products and services. This is why we are happy to offer our customers and partners a comprehensive and lifetime shell guarantee!

Energy-efficiency: Enjoy £600 plus annual savings*

Do you still think that having a hot tub is too expensive to maintain? We’ve got you covered! Thanks to our revolutionary Ultra-High Blow polyethylene foam spa insulation system, you can significantly reduce your energy-consumption by up to 75%!

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Real people, real stories

Excellent serviceAllie Duncan-Wood
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“The whole purchasing experience was seamless. Naz delivered the hot tub and from the moment he arrived nothing was too much. He was careful, polite and very knowledgeable. He took the time to make sure we understood how to operate everything properly and also set up the Wi-Fi app for us. Now all that is left to do is sit back and relax.”
Very efficient and prompt serviceMrs D Walls
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“Very efficient and prompt communication to purchase the spa. The delivery team were very polite and friendly. Excellent team made sure the spa was installed in the garden perfectly even with a tricky entrance to negotiate. They were very knowledgeable and gave us a though operating demonstration and answered all our questions.”
Happy customersGillian Mills
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“We took delivery of our RotoSpa a couple of weeks ago and are delighted with it. Delivery was very simple and swift. Thank you to Arlind who set it up for us and talked us through the programs and answered all of our questions. It looks fabulous and is very quiet when running. I would most definitely recommend the product.”
Solid & excellent quality hot tubKarla Grimaldi
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“Ordered and received our RotoSpa from RotoSpa Lancashire. Ordered, delivered and up and running in less than a week. Great service, really helpful, friendly team. Good solid build and looks great.”

RotoSpa hot tubs, made for the UK


people 4 5jets 21WhatSpa Approved Retailer Logo 2024recycle hot tubWhatSpa Best Buy Award 2024 RotoSpa Orbis

Tired of the rat race Feel like you could use a mini getaway…

£3995.00includes VAT


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The QuatroSpa provides smooth full depth seating and a generous foot well for…

£4750.00includes VAT

DuraSpa S380

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Life moves fast these days Between work family and social obligations our calendars…

£5595.00includes VAT

DuoSpa S080

people 2 3jets 8WhatSpa Approved Retailer Logo 2024recycle hot tub

The DuoSpa is a stylish affordable two to three person spa Its compact…

£4750.00 £3750.00includes VAT

RotoSpa founders’ story

RotoSpa is a family business we started in 2003. This began when a friend in need of hydrotherapy, following a hip replacement, found no suitable British-made hot tubs. So, we decided to develop and build our own!

We are now a multi-award-winning business based in Sutton Coldfield and the only UK manufacturer of hot tubs.

RotoSpa has made a splash in thousands of homes across the UK and is the industry-leading hot tub chosen by hire agents, retailers, a network of dealers, holiday let owners, and more than 300 UK holiday parks.

Today we use the same care and focus on our customers’ specific needs as the first hot tub we built nearly two decades ago.

Hot tub FAQs

Most hot tubs in the UK cost more than £10 per day to run. This high running cost often stems from a focus on aesthetic appeal over energy efficiency and functionality. Additionally, these hot tubs are not tailored for the UK market, which leads to higher energy consumption and more expensive maintenance costs. 

RotoSpa has innovated a unique and effective manufacturing process to address these problems. We have crafted hot tubs tailored specifically for homes and holiday parks in the UK. By utilising dual-shot moulding and an Ultra-High Blow Polyethylene foam insulation system, we have developed the most energy-efficient hot tubs in the market.  

Remarkably, the daily running costs of RotoSpa hot tubs are the lowest on the market. Additionally, when configured with our integrated heat pumps, the overall daily running cost can be further reduced, exemplifying our commitment to affordability and sustainability. Click here to learn more about the cost of a running hot tub.

A hot tub in the UK can cost anywhere from  £3,840 to £6,000. The price range varies depending on size, features, and brand. You may come across cheaper options, but be sure to do your research. Adding a hot tub to your home or business is an investment. This is why it is imperative to consider its overall quality and functionality. Always choose a reputable hot tub company with years of experience in the industry. 

RotoSpa has been the sole manufacturer of premium hot tubs in the UK for over 20 years. We offer a full range of luxury and affordable hot tub models with different specifications. For specific pricing information, please visit our hot tub category page. If you are a holiday park owner, you can also contact us to become a retail partner.

To find the perfect place for your hot tub, you need to consider the hot tub’s weight, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal.  It is important to find a flat and level surface that can support the weight of the hot tub when filled with water, which could be up to two tonnes. The area should also be easily accessible and provide sufficient space for maintenance and servicing. Additionally, factors like privacy, aesthetics, and proximity to the power supply should be considered.

A RotoSpa is designed and manufactured for the UK market. This means our hot tubs are lighter in weight and can fit in the smallest of spaces. For more information, check out our manufacturer’s guidelines or seek professional advice to ensure you find the perfect place for your hot tub.

RotoSpa’s free delivery and installation service are available on orders over £3500 for retail customers only within the mainland UK, excluding Scotland. Delivery and installation fees apply to our commercial hot tubs. We work closely with our customers to ensure an efficient and trouble-free installation of our hot tubs.

RotoSpa provides a lifetime shell warranty, which is the longest in the hot tub industry. It also comes with a 2-year warranty provided on all parts and plumbing components, as well as 1 year of labour, warranty coverage. Additionally, we provide a range of service packages, allowing you to extend your warranty. For further details, please visit our warranty page for retail clients. You can also contact us to discuss our commercial warranty options.

A standard household 13 AMP UK socket is sufficient to power a RotoSpa hot tub, though we can also configure it to accommodate up to a 25 AMP supply. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us. Our team is always ready to assist you.

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