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Slash your hot tub running costs by up to 75% with the RotoSpa EcoSpa heat pump

Slash heating costs by up to 75%

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RotoSpa EcoSpa heat pump is the world’s quietest, energy-efficient inverter pool and spa heating system. Its unique, patent design removes every possible noise to ensure a silent performance.

The rear air outlet eliminates noise and cold air is directed away for comfort.


Full Inverter. Incorporating the industry’s leading full DC inverter control system. With a smart conversion compressor, fan motor and pressure system. It provides amazing energy-saving performance with improved control.

Classic touch controller

A simple touch controller with boost and silent mode features offers the optimum user-friendly experience. WIFI option so you can control remotely using your phone.


R32 gas is the next-generation refrigerant with a low GWP (Global warming potential) of 675. The R32 refrigerant has three times lower GWP than R410A (2088). R32 is also more energy efficient. Compared to R410A it has 25% CO2 carbon consumption and 25% gas quota cost.

As most of the energy is sourced from the air it uses renewable energy, its efficient performance generates less pollution and CO2 than other models, with lower energy consumption, pollution and lower running costs.


AVERAGE-COP 10.7. Heating efficiency is measured using a Coefficient of Performance (COP) rating. It indicates the ratio of heating provided relative to the amount of electrical input required to generate it. Our unit has an unrivalled COP rating. When the heat pump is running at 50% capacity it ensures the best energy-saving performance and peaceful environment.

EEV technology

Electronic expansion valves provide 10 times flexibility to adjust the gas flow and increase the COP by up to 20%.

90% free energy

Due to its design technology, the EcoSpa heat pump provides an average of 90% free energy from ambient air.

Intelligent system protection

The input current will start from 0 Amps to rated Amps steadily. No rush to house the electricity system. It can adapt to wide voltage from 180-260V and adjusts in different conditions.


Reverse cycle defrosting with a 4-way valve for quick and efficient defrosting. Designed for down-to-air -10°C operation.

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