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RotoSpa’s holiday park spa wins prestigious award & it’s only in it’s first year…

RotoSpa, the UK’s only manufacturer of spas, launched their holiday park specific spas, the Serenity and the Escape, earlier this year in May 2018. The Serenity Spa has already won a Best Buy Holiday Park Spa Award for 2019. The well-respected WhatSpa? magazine have opened awards for manufacturers of spas within the industry, within the WhatSpa? Holiday Park Special Best Buy Awards; the awards are set to recognise manufacturers within the thriving industry.

The Serenity Spa has won the Best Buy Award in the five to six seat category. With it’s 2000mm diameter and 740mm deep specs, the Serenity Spa is perfect for getting the family together whilst on holiday. It’s smooth, full-depth seating and generous footwell ensures the most natural resting position, whilst also providing maximum relaxation. It’s bench seating with specially considered hydrotherapy system allows the user to choose which spot they’d prefer. Other built-in features of the spa make the spa fully HSG282 compliant, with its in-line tablet feeder, ozone unit for another form of sanitisation and its rapid drain system to name a few. RotoSpa were one of the first manufacturers to introduce the fully HSG282 compliant spa to the market.

Spas are becoming an ever-growing trend as well as a need within the holiday park market, with ‘hot tubs’ being a number one online search when people are researching their holiday. However, it is important that if the spa is to be used in a commercial setting, that it complies with the HSG282 regulations, to ensure safety amongst customers and holiday owners a-like. The Serenity Spa is in holiday parks up and down the UK, and with more innovative products planned from RotoSpa, the company is set to see some exciting changes in 2019. One such product, RotoSpa’s Air Source Heat Pump, was introduced in early 2018 to its customers, and the innovative alternative energy unit not only allows for the running of spas to be more environmentally friendly, but it slashes running costs by 75%.

John Stanyer of Wallace Lane Farm who has a Serenity Spa explains that “This tub has been fantastic it has been 100% reliable and very popular with the guests it looks good and is easy to use”. He also adds “…we should save around 30% on power bills going forwards and if electricity prices rise as I expect, we could see savings of 40 to 50% over time”.

The addition of a RotoSpa to holiday units will mean an increase in revenue due to the popular demand of hot tubs by consumers, whilst also increasing occupancy levels and driving out-of-season bookings; a RotoSpa customer found that the addition of a hot tub into their holiday accommodation helped increase their occupancy levels by an astonishing 80%. With their passion for water quality & customer service, RotoSpa also offer FREE training and maintenance sessions to their customers, to ensure that they are fully aware of the spas themselves and how to get best use out of them in many years to come.

Karl Rowntree, Technical Director at RotoSpa explains that, “we have worked hard over the past year to ensure that our spas are of an excellent standard. Being the UK’s only manufacturer of spas, we are excited to present two spas that we are highly passionate and proud of. The fact that we have won awards further exaggerates to ourselves and our customers that we truly have a great spa on offer”.

RotoSpa, won GOLD at the BISHTA Awards earlier this year in the Hot Tubs in a Holiday Setting category. With the Serenity Spa now winning the Best Buy Award, we are excited to see what 2019 will bring for the company and the industry itself. RotoSpa look forward to working with holiday parks in 2019 and further educating the industry and providing them with award-winning spas that are truly HSG282 compliant.

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