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The Health and Wellbeing Benefits of a RotoSpa Hot Tub…

When you use your RotoSpa hot tub on a regular basis, there are huge health benefits that can be seen by just relaxing!

Our customers always find the health and wellbeing benefits of great interest when choosing their Hot Tub. There are many ways in which a hot tub can not only help you RELAX, but also relieve and improve many ailments with Hydrotherapy circulation.

Our spas have been designed with relaxation and ease in mind and the beautifully moulded seating provides maximum comfort.

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Here are just a few of the wonderful health and wellbeing benefits to having your very own RotoSpa Hot Tub.

Detox– Soaking in hot water can assist in pulling harmful toxins from your skin. This will boost your energy, whilst providing you with the 2 R’S – RENEWING & REFRESHING.

Relax – Our Hydrotherapy jets will massage your muscle tissues, giving you a calming sensation. They will also loosen tight muscles & encourage blood circulation leaving you feeling relaxed.

Pain relief – People with nagging aches and pains, stiff muscles, circulation problems, headaches, sleep disturbances and chronic medical conditions like diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and arthritis may alleviate their symptoms and stimulate healing with hot tub therapy.

Stress relief – For mental health and well being the use of a RotoSpa set at a water temperature of between 30-40oC for approx 15 min at a time, will reduce stress and improve sleep.

Health boost –The stimulated blood supply will help improve function of internal organs & help boost your immune system! It can also help clear your skin & hydrates cells leaving your skins feeling clean and looking fresh.

Bringing the family together – Relaxing in a RotoSpa can certainly bring the family together! Whether you want to get the family together, or you want to be the host with the most, our specially designed circular spas are renowned for its ability to bring people together, encouraging conversation, and some well-deserved fun time. Spending time with loved ones can boost your mood and in return increase your body’s serotonin.

So sit back and start looking at our beautiful range of British Manufactured RotoSpa Hot Tubs. The team are just at the end of the phone and looking forward answering all of your questions.

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