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It’s Official! RotoSpa are a British Holiday and Holiday Park Association Member

Founded in 1950, the BH&HPA is directed by it’s members who own and manage some 3,000 holiday, residential, touring and glamping parks across the United Kingdom.

BH&HPA champions the issues which matter, campaigning for a tax and regulatory environment where park business can thrive, resulting in uniting the industry. The BH&HPA is the UK holiday parks’ voice to the Government, and support their members with guidance, training and networking.

The networking of some 4,800 park people and pooling resources, who share their expertise, result in the BH&HPA’s mission: to assist and enable members parks to prosper and give their customers the best holiday experience.

BH&HPA is the only UK organisation founded with the exclusive objective of representing and serving those who own or manage holiday, residential, tenting and touring parks. Membership to the association is only open to those who undertake to conduct their business lawfully and produce services and products of excellence.

Why it is important to RotoSpa to be a member…

Our Multi award winning Rotospas feature an innovative moulding process, meaning our unique Rototherm insulation is moulded at the same time as the main shell, creating a fully insulated, self-supporting monocoque spa shell that will not deteriorate. Simply put, Rotospa are the strongest spas available on the UK market, they are designed to last a lifetime! World class quality components are fully accessible due to the fact the insulation is part of the structure, massively reducing maintenance times without compromising energy efficiency.

Our range of Holiday Park Spas were developed as a result of us identifying that there were distributors selling domestic spas into commercial environments such as holiday parks. We soon realised that the domestic spa was not fit for purpose. We identified that as a UK manufacturer there was an opportunity for us to develop the first holiday park spa that was truly fit for purpose and fully compliant
to HSG282

We developed relationships with holiday park owners to understand their needs. We then spent time with the maintenance teams to understand the issues they faced with the day to day running and maintenance of the spas and what was needed to be improved. The result was a reliable, durable, energy efficient, low maintenance truly fit for purpose spa for your holiday business setting.

Our philosophy remains unchanged, and we are always working in partnership with our customers to ensure we are reactive to their needs and evolving our product range to be fully compliant with HSE and industry regulations.

Working alongside holiday parks who are also BH&HPA members brings a new and exciting chapter to the RotoSpa team and we are looking forward to sharing stories about our relationships with you.

We all clearly see that the rapid growth of the UK holiday market is exciting and inevitable as holidaymakers cease trusting in air travel, reconsider their relationship with the world around us and start to support the UK economy rather than other countries.

By holidaying in the UK we can effect change, we can make a difference. But its sometimes easy to lose sight of the less tangible and wider economic benefits of them spending their money here and perhaps we need to help them to see it more clearly.

If you own a holiday park and would like to know more about how a RotoSpa can help increase your revenue, our team would love to speak with you! Call the team today on 0121 354 3428 or email us at [email protected]

And follow this link to learn more about our unique design and hear from our current holiday parks….

For a directory of holiday and residential parks in the UK, please visit www.ukparks.com or www.parkhome.org.uk.

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