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Your National Lockdown Hero

On the 8th of May we announced our National Lockdown Hero Award. We gave the Nation the chance to recognise the people around us who were supporting us and making each day in Lockdown that little bit lighter. Over the last 3 months you have sent us over 160 wonderful and inspiring stories about the people who have helped you get through the challenges we have been dealt this year.

RotoSpa wanted to give the Nation the opportunity to say THANK YOU!!! to their LockDown Hero and donated one of their Luxury Hot Tubs to one of the Nominated Heroes.

They were all such deserving and heart warming stories and the decision made for the final story was not an easy one!


It is a story of how we can all go through challenging times in our lives. How we stay strong and support those people around us and no matter our age we can all be someone’s HERO

Kate is our chosen NATIONAL LOCKDOWN HERO and here is the HEARTFELT story from an admiring Auntie that warmed our hearts every time we read it………

Id like to nominate my mini hero called Kate, my 11 year old niece who is currently self-isolating together with her younger sister Ria who suffers from Cerebral Paulsey and is therefore in the 12-week isolation category. Kate has had some rough years losing her parents and coming to terms with a new life. It constantly amazes me to see how selfless she is, taking care of and being a best friend to her younger sister. Having suffered the loss of both parents in recent years, I’m amazed by her relentless energy and happiness for life. She’s a shining light for our family and most of all, a rock for Ria. Every day there’s a craft, a quiz or a game up her sleeve. She puts others first, and at 11 years old, I’m in awe. We have hired a hot tub before which made them absolutely ecstatic with shrieks of laughter. It would be an exciting win for them that would keep them entertained for days on end. When I grow up, I want to be just like Kate. ❤️ Many thanks for considering this entry in advance.

(Kate and her sister Ria)

Kate you are an inspiration and you truly do deserve to make many wonderful and fun memories with your very caring family you have around you. 


We will be sharing all of the wonderful stories we received for you all to enjoy as much as we did. There are some many HEROES out there and you deserve to be recognised for your KINDNESS.

Your National Heroes Stories

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