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Why hot tubs are the best choice for UK homeowners over swimming pools?

High-Quality Hot Tubs

For UK homeowners seeking the ultimate outdoor relaxation nook, there’s no contest that soaking in a toasty hot tub surrounded by tranquil nature is far more inviting than swimming laps in a chilly pool. 

Hot tubs offer the affordable luxury of an at-home spa experience without the demands of pool ownership. Read on as we delve into why British people prefer hot tubs over swimming pools.


  • Hot tubs operate at £20-50/month, offering significant savings over pools.
  • Compact designs by brands like RotoSpa fit small garden spaces.
  • Hydromassage jets prioritize relaxation over physical activity.
  • Hot tubs guarantee comfort across all UK seasons.
  • Hot tubs are ideal for families, promoting safe, shared experiences.
  • UK hot tub brands like RotoSpa highlight quality and sustainability.

Costs between high-quality hot tubs and swimming pools

When comparing costs, hot tubs provide a clear advantage for UK homeowners seeking an affordable garden oasis. 

Starting the discussion on the monthly costs for chemicals, heating, cleaning and maintenance for a full swimming pool, the expenses may multiply dramatically. Hot tubs, on the one hand, have significantly lower operating expenses, with heating and pumps costing £20-50 per month, particularly with well-insulated models. 

Additional savings come from hot tubs’ smaller water volume requiring less chemicals and heating. While pools may seem attractive, their high installation and upkeep make them impractical for most British families. 

Hot tubs tailored for unwinding, not endless laps, offer accessible luxury and relaxation at home. With lower costs and year-round enjoyment in the UK’s climate, hot tubs provide a better value than pools.

Size and space

Choosing a hot tub over a swimming pool is a savvy choice for UK homeowners, particularly given the lesser space it demands. 

With compact and low-profile designs, it fits perfectly in confined spaces such as petite gardens or patios, effectively enhancing them to become cosy corners for relaxation. 

Take for instance the RotoSpa QuatroSpa, designed as a space-saving 5-6 person hot tub. Its unique tapered shape allows more bathers to unwind together while occupying a smaller footprint. Ergonomic seating creates an ultra-comfortable experience for everyone.

Hot Tubs

The RotoSpa QuatroSpa maximises both capacity and comfort, making it the perfect choice for larger households or entertaining, even in limited garden areas. 

This is the same reason why they are generally a favourable option in the UK where outdoor space is often limited. Brands like RotoSpa have made it possible to enjoy affordable luxury, presenting a range of hot tubs that not only align with spatial constraints but also offer a daily slice of paradise right in your backyard. 

FUN FACT: To illustrate just how prevalent they have become in the UK, a previous survey revealed more than 650,000 new hot tubs were installed across British households in 2020 alone.

Soothing vs. Strenuous 

While pools often cater to fitness enthusiasts, hot tubs invite you to a world of relaxation. The warm water it houses aids in unwinding after a tiring day, letting your worries melt away. 

The hydromassage jets incorporated in the hot tubs work magically in reducing muscle tension, providing a spa-like experience at home. 

So, instead of engaging in strenuous laps in a pool, you get to enjoy a soothing embrace that revives both your body and mind.

Year-round enjoyment

In the unpredictable climate of the UK, pools turn out to be a seasonal luxury, restricting their usage to favourable weather conditions. 

On the contrary, hot tubs triumph with the promise of year-round enjoyment. Picture soaking outdoors amidst the cool breeze of the winter, with the hot water creating a comforting contrast. The hot tub becomes a personal retreat that stands unaffected by the changing seasons, always ready to offer warm hugs.


For families with kids, safety becomes a paramount factor when choosing between a hot tub and a pool. Hot tubs promise a fun and safe environment for kids, drastically reducing the risk of accidents that are more prevalent in pools. 

They foster a cosy space where family members can come together, sharing laughter and stories while enjoying a warm soak. It nurtures bonds, making family time more enjoyable and secure.

Entertaining guests

A hot tub presents itself as a centrepiece when it comes to hosting parties or casual get-togethers. The festive ambience created with subtle lighting and the bubbling water transforms regular evenings into delightful gatherings. 

Moreover, hot tubs encourage conversations as opposed to the isolated laps in a pool. It crafts a space where laughter echoes, and memories are born, a true delight for any host.

UK-made quality

Last but not least, UK consumers often choose hot tubs over swimming pools because they recognize the exceptional quality of locally manufactured options. British buyers appreciate that trusted UK brands, such as RotoSpa, prioritise craftsmanship and performance in designing high-quality hot tubs.

UK-based manufacturing results in durable, energy-efficient hot tubs tailored for year-round garden enjoyment. Convenient local service provides hassle-free maintenance support. With a passion for sustainability and excellence, the best British high-quality hot tub brands represent outstanding engineering.


Summing up, for UK homeowners seeking a blend of relaxation and affordable luxury, the choice is clear – hot tubs triumph over pools. They bring forth a repository of benefits ranging from cost-effectiveness to being a year-round source of joy, promising a warm embrace at any time of the year. Embrace the warmth, embrace the luxury of owning a hot tub.

Ready to turn your garden into a personal oasis? Contact us today to find the perfect British-engineered hot tub for your home and lifestyle.

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