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Enjoying your 2-person hot tub for a relaxing experience

2 Person Hot Tub

In many UK households, the addition of a small, cosy 2-person hot tub in the garden has become a personal sanctuary for relaxation. However, to ensure the most hygienic and pleasant experience for all users, proper preparation and etiquette are essential. Here are some tips on getting ready for and enjoying your time in a hot tub responsibly.


  • Shower before use to prevent contaminants from entering the hot tub.
  • Choose insulating, quick-drying fabrics and robes in the winter months.
  • Prioritize safety with non-slip surfaces and plastic drinkware.
  • Be mindful of noise and personal space while using a hot tub.
  • Clean up properly after each use to maintain pleasant conditions.

Pre-soak preparations

Personal hygiene

Before heading out to your hot tub, be sure to shower thoroughly to rinse away dirt, oils and cosmetics. This helps prevent the water from becoming contaminated over time. Removing fake tan, make-up, and hair products will keep the water cleaner for a more relaxing and hygienic soak. 

Take also the time to wash your body and hair with soap and shampoo to rid yourself of chlorine, salt, minerals, and product buildup from previous hot tub sessions. This will allow your skin and hair to fully benefit from the therapeutic waters. 

Showering beforehand also washes away any lawn clippings, dirt or debris that may have clung to your body, keeping the tub pristine. Likewise, make sure that your feet are cleaned properly as well.

Appropriate attire

The right attire makes all the difference when using your 2-person hot tub year-round. During winter, you may go for fabrics designed for insulation when wet such as neoprene, latex or polyester blends. 

This keeps you warm when exiting the hot water into the cold air. Wool trunks or swim leggings paired with rashguards offer warmth for men, while for women, thermal wetsuits or insulated one-pieces are ideal. You may also bring full-coverage robes, towels and slippers to wrap up in for getting in and out of the hot tub. 

Look for moisture-wicking and quick-drying materials so the robe doesn’t get soaked. Waterproof sandals with non-slip soles also provide safe footing on icy or wet surfaces around the tub.

2 Person Hot Tub

When using a small 2-person hot tub in the summer months, lightweight swimsuit fabrics allow you to move freely and soak comfortably in the heat. Just take care that light colours don’t become transparent when wet. Swim shorts and UV-protective swim tees make practical choices for men.

No matter the season, aim for a secure fit that will stay in place while you soak and move around. Synthetic blends often offer durability and shape retention even when wet. The key is finding solutions suitable for the weather that prioritises comfort, coverage and safety.

Safety measures

Always make safety the top priority. Use plastic rather than glass for drinks to avoid accidents if anything spills or breaks in the tub. Check that the temperatures are not set too high, especially with children or seniors using the hot tub. 

Ensure you have slip-resistant footing around the hot tub and take care when getting in and out. Avoid drinking alcohol before or during use as it can cause drowsiness and affect your ability to regulate body temperature. Have an emergency phone nearby in case of any accidents. 

Communication is key

Check that other users are comfortable with you joining them before hopping in. This shows courtesy and allows for a welcoming environment. 

A quick “Do you mind if I join you?” opens up a respectful dialogue to get a sense of how others are feeling. You can also discuss optimal settings and duration to align expectations. 

Periodically check in with fellow users to ensure the temperature, massage jets and any music or entertainment remain to everyone’s liking throughout the soak. Make adjustments collaboratively so all feel their needs are met.

Mindful interactions

Once settled in, keep your voice relaxed and low to maintain a peaceful ambience. Making collaborative adjustments to temperature and jets based on everyone’s preferences will ensure all feel comfortable. 

Enjoy the tranquillity of the moment by keeping excess splashing to a minimum and avoiding rowdy behaviour. Be respectful of the proximity and understand some may prefer less interaction or conversation at times. Read cues from others and allow for quiet reflection as needed. 

The garden setting lends itself to a calm, centred mindset. Let the bubbling water soothe you mentally and physically by unwinding together, yet allowing each person space.

Fun Fact: Did you know that 83.9% of hot tub owners attribute their purchase to the desire for relaxation and stress relief?

Post-soak cleaning

After exiting the hot tub, be diligent about tidying up. This keeps the area looking pristine for the next users. Remove any cups, towels or belongings you brought. Wipe down surfaces or seating areas. 

Also, express gratitude to the host if applicable. Offering to help with cleaning or set up for the next soak demonstrates awareness and care for the next users.

Proper cleanup after each use prevents buildup and keeps maintenance manageable. It also upholds the welcoming ambience for the next relaxation-seekers eager to destress.

Making the most of your small 2-person hot tub

With proper hygienic preparation and respect for shared spaces, a small 2-person hot tub can continue providing relaxing and enjoyable experiences through the cooler months. Adhering to considerate practices enables a positive soaking atmosphere. The intimate nature of a 2-person model requires some extra care but pays off in private, tranquil moments. 

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