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RotoSpa joins forces with BodyMind Holistics to offer a hot tub experience with a difference!

This week RotoSpa were joined by Kate Norman from BodyMind Holistics to give their clients cold water exposure with a difference & what a wonderful experience this was!

Developing meaningful daily practices for my clients & supporting them through this, is something I am very passionate about. Developing & maintaining morning routines helps to re-set & restore the energy system, improves focus & mental clarity, helps to reduce stress & anxiety & sets you up for the day with intent and purpose.

Integrating cold water exposure to your morning routine is a fantastic gateway to achieving all the above and helps to bring balance to both the body and mind. Societal norms lead us to believe that cold water is bad and hot water is good tricking our brains into believing that this is the ultimate truth. Wrong!

Cold water exposure carried out with deep conscious breathing has so many positive effects on the body and mind. When we carry out deep conscious breathing the parasympathetic nervous system is activated which sends signals to the anxious part of your brain to tell you that you are safe. Other benefits of cold-water exposure include:

• Supports muscle recovery, reduces muscle stiffness, aches & pains
• Pulls negative energy out of the body
• Improves circulation and helps support reducing stress & anxiety
• Restores balance in the body
• Releases the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine
• Improves circulation
• Increases oxygen flow to the brain

I would like to say a massive thank you to RotoSpa for providing the space and the resources to make this happen. The RotoSpa DuraSpa includes a luxury hydro jet package and has been fitted with an energy-saving Air Source Heat Pump that can chill the water down to 10ºC making it ideal for cold water therapy!

Thank you for having us and we look forward to returning very soon!

If anyone would like to experience the cold water spa or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Kate Norman or RotoSpa, it really is a wonderful experience and will help support your body to heal on every level.

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