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Enjoy cold water therapy using a RotoSpa Cold Spa

cold water therapy
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Immerse yourself in the most unique spa experience on the market. RotoSpa gives you all the scientifically proven benefits of hot and cold water therapy in one convenient package. Take control of your health, happiness, and performance!

Accelerate sports recovery

You were stepping into 10-degree Celsius water after exercise improves recovery by altering blood flow. Cold water causes vessels to constrict, and then dilate when you get out. This flush helps clear metabolic waste and lactic acid, reducing inflammation and muscle soreness. RotoSpa makes recovery faster, so you experience fewer aches, better sleep, and quicker gains.

Cold water therapy for boosting happiness and well-being

Cold water immersion in a RotoSpa is a natural reset for your body and mind! Immersion Increases dopamine, the happiness hormone and noradrenaline, an energy level booster, decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. Regular users experience a stronger immune system and fewer symptoms of the disease. Push your mental limits and become more focused.

Promote weight loss

The colder your body gets in the RotoSpa, the harder it works to warm back up – burning fat in the process! Regular cold water therapy increases metabolism and fat burning, helping you lean out while energizing your body. RotoSpa delivers the most advanced cold water therapy experience. Rejuvenate your body and mind with the benefits of hot and cold hydrotherapy.

How does it work?

RotoSpa uses specialised cooling technology to chill the water to 10˚C, reacting instantly to any temperature rises when users enter the water, ensuring optimum temperatures are maintained at all times for on-demand cold water recovery. The Rotospa cold spa is not limited to cooling the water, the temperature can be increased by achieving 40 degrees within 4 hours, allowing you to experience all the benefits of a hot tub with the lowest possible running costs on the market!

The unique feature of the RotoSpa cold spa is the addition of massage jets and aeration system. Sitting still in a standard cold spa, the water begins to warm around you, not so in a RotoSpa the natural aeration of the water is constantly altering the water’s contact with your body making the water feel cooler for a more intense experience for your body and mind.

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