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RotoSpa cartridge cleaner 1 litre

RotoSpa Cartridge Cleaner helps remove oils and grime from the filter pleats that builds up over time, clogging your filter and reducing its ability to effectively filter your spa water. RotoSpa recommends using RotoSpa Cartridge Cleaner on a monthly basis to keep your filters working effectively and maintaining crystal clear water.

Simply add your filter and submerge in water. Add 250ml of cartridge cleaner per 5ltrs of water and leave to soak for a couple of hours, overnight on a quarterly basis. Rinse your filter with a high pressure flow from a hose and leave in a dry location away from direct sunlight to dry before re-inserting back into your spa.

Only got one filter, purchase a second so whilst one is being cleaned and dried, the other is maintaining crystal clear spa water.

By Purchasing this genuine RotoSpa product you will benefit from free email and telephone support on water treatment and chemical management.

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£19.00includes VAT

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