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Scuba II pool tester

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Floatable, waterproof and certainly a useful little helper for the Hot Tub: The Scuba II is the hot tub owners the ideal companion for the bathing season. Measure the most important parameters and hold the results in your hands immediately.

Main pool parameters
Accurate measurement results of the important Spa parameters, such as Chlorine or pH sets, gets with the Scuba II an ideal test device to the hand. The device works intuitively and measures the most important pool parameters of free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity-m and cyanuric acid.

And if the device falls into the water? No problem – the Scuba II is not only waterproof but also buoyant.

Integrated measuring chamber
Take a sample by immersing the measuring chamber in the instrument.

Fast results
Add a reagent and press “Test” button. The result is available within a few seconds. Or in other words: measuring like the pros.

By Purchasing this genuine RotoSpa product you will benefit from free email and telephone support on water treatment and chemical management.

£167.13includes VAT

Availability: 6 in stock

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