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DPD1 and phenol red testing tablets (50/50)

In this pack you will receive 50 DPD1 testing tablets and 50 Phenol Red testing tablets. Choose between Rapid Dissolving for the Pool Tester or Photometer tablets for a SCUBA Tester or MD100 (see related products below) Can be used for Chlorine or Bromine.

£13.20includes VAT

RotoSpa foam away 1 litre

RotoSpa Foam Away controls and prevents foaming in spa water. Foam in your hot…

£19.00includes VAT

RotoSpa antibacterial vinyl protect spray

RotoSpa Antibacterial Vinyl Cleaner and protector spray shields your spa’s shell and cover…

£20.00includes VAT

Rotospa small chlorine tablets 5KG

RotoSpa Chlorine Tablets are an approved sanitiser for your RotoSpa hot tub and…

£90.43includes VAT

RotoSpa small chlorine tablets 1kg

1kg Container of RotoSpa’s own brand of Chlorine Tablets suitable for use with…

£24.00includes VAT

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