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RotoSpa small chlorine tablets 1kg

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1kg Container of RotoSpa’s own brand of Chlorine Tablets suitable for use with your RotoSpa hot tub and our Inline Tablet Feeder and Spa Pod canister (see related products below).

Chlorine is a well known and widely used sanitiser for pools and hot tubs for its quick sanitising action. Keeping your spa water sanitised is crucial to bather comfort, bather safety and spa longevity. Chlorine levels should be kept between 3-5ppm in RotoSpa hot tubs, keeping bacteria levels down and water crystal clear.

Ensure bromine levels are kept between 4-6ppm in hot tubs.

By Purchasing this genuine RotoSpa product you will benefit from free email and telephone support on water treatment and chemical management.

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£24.00includes VAT

Available on back-order

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