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How RotoSpa’s EcoSpa heat pump can offer a guilt-free luxury

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Craving a relaxing soak in a hot tub but worried about the environmental impact? With RotoSpa’s EcoSpa heat pump, you can indulge guilt-free. The innovative retrofit slashes energy use dramatically, saving hundreds annually.

In this article, we’ll explore how one renewable energy expert managed to cut his hot tub electricity bill in half using an EcoSpa heat pump. We’ll look at how it works, the remarkable savings achieved, and tips to maximise efficiency. Read on to learn how you too can enjoy affordable luxury sustainably.


  • EcoSpa heat pumps can cut hot tub energy bills by 54% total energy savings during winter, and a massive 67% total energy savings in summer.
  • Proper insulation like a new cover reduces heat loss and energy use by about 13%.
  • Optimising heat pump run times for weather and usage further maximise savings.
  • With an EcoSpa retrofit, you can enjoy hot tub luxury sustainably and affordably.

The dilemma: Craving hot tub luxury but worried about energy use

Hot tubs seem like an expensive luxury, with notoriously high energy bills to keep the water heated. Understandably, many are hesitant to indulge due to concerns over increased costs and carbon footprint. 

But sustainable living needn’t mean complete abstinence from life’s little indulgences. With some clever tweaks, you can soak in a hot tub affordably and eco-consciously.

Meet Jonathan Scurlock, a renewable energy expert on a mission

Jonathan Scurlock is no ordinary hot tub owner. As Chief Advisor for Renewable Energy and Climate Change at the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), he has extensive expertise in sustainability.

Eager to walk the talk, Jonathan embarked on an energy efficiency project at his Sutton Coldfield home. He wanted to showcase how small tweaks can dramatically cut home energy usage and bills.

With years of advising on renewable energy under his belt, Jonathan decided to focus his efforts on his beloved RotoSpa hot tub. He was determined to find an eco-friendly way to continue enjoying the luxury of a good soak.

After careful research, Jonathan chose to retrofit his RotoSpa DuraSpa S160 with the innovative EcoSpa heat pump system. Driven by his personal commitment to sustainability, Jonathan meticulously documented energy use before and after. He wanted to demonstrate the real-world savings potential for others seeking greener hot tub options.

The solution: RotoSpa’s innovative EcoSpa heat pump retrofit

To transform his hot tub into an energy-efficient model, Jonathan turned to RotoSpa’s innovative EcoSpa heat pump technology. Unlike conventional heaters that rely solely on electricity to heat water, the EcoSpa heat pump works differently. It extracts latent heat from ambient outdoor air and uses this to warm the hot tub.

This process, known as mechanical vapour recompression, is much more efficient. It enables substantial energy savings by utilising heat that would otherwise be wasted.

Jonathan’s retrofit upgrade involved two key steps:

  1. Replacing the old insulation cover with a high-quality new cover to enhance insulation and reduce heat loss from the hot tub surface.
  2. Installing the EcoSpa heat pump system alongside the hot tub plumbing. The pump’s evaporator coils extract heat from the air, while its compressor and condenser coils release the heat into the water.

This dual upgrade aimed to minimise the energy wasted on heating while maximising the heat pump’s efficiency. Meticulous data was recorded on the hot tub’s energy consumption before and after the retrofit to quantify savings.

Remarkable results: Energy bills slashed by £600-700 annually

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The data collected by Jonathan demonstrated a significant decrease in daily hot tub energy consumption after the upgrades. Specifically:

  1. Before upgrades, the daily electricity usage was around 10 kWh to maintain water temperature.
  2. After installing a new insulated cover, usage decreased 13% to 8.9 kWh daily. This shows the impact of proper insulation on heat retention.

After installing the EcoSpa heat pump:

  1. In winter, optimised usage was just 4.1 kWh daily, achieving a 54% reduction in energy costs.
  2. In summer, usage dropped to 2.9 kWh daily, i.e. a massive 67% lower.

In total, Jonathan saved approximately £600-700 annually on energy bills. This real-world example clearly demonstrates the tremendous potential for heat pumps like EcoSpa to enable sustainable, affordable hot tub enjoyment.

Tips to further maximise energy savings

The EcoSpa heat pump was instrumental in lowering Jonathan’s energy use and costs. By extracting heat from the outside air, the pump slashed the electricity needed for heating. With some smart optimisations, the savings can be further maximised.

  • Effective insulation is critical to minimise heat loss from the hot tub.
  • Optimising run time based on ambient temperature keeps energy use low.
  • Adjust operating hours according to estimated overnight heat loss.
  • Set the heat pump timer to heat water just before use.

An eco-friendly path to affordable luxury in a nutshell…

With an EcoSpa pump, you can enjoy guilt-free affordable luxury and do your bit for the planet. RotoSpa’s innovative technology enables sustainability without sacrificing life’s little pleasures. 

Ready to set in? Contact us today and invest in an EcoSpa heat pump for a fraction of the usual costs.

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