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Top 5 tips for looking after your hot tub filters

Filter care: Getting the most from your RotoSpa hot tub filters

Filters are one of the hardest working components of your hot tub, frequently becoming clogged with debris, oils, dirt and grime. Be sure to follow the steps below to ensure optimum efficiency from your filters. RotoSpa filters are made from top-quality materials ensuring crystal-clear water when maintained correctly.

1. Don’t make your filter work as hard as you do

Filters are designed to keep your water free from debris and to catch oils, dirt and grime before they get to the internal pipework and components in your hot tub, which means they frequently get clogged and dirty. By showering before getting in your hot tub you are reducing the number of contaminants entering the water in the first place.

2. Double up!

Having 2 filters is highly recommended so whilst one is being cleaned and dried the other is doing its job keeping your spa water clean and clear.

3. Follow our expertly designed-filter schedule

  • Weekly: High-pressure flow from hose in between all pleats- 10 minutes minimum, allow to dry before putting back in the spa.
  • Monthly: Soak in RotoSpa Cartridge Cleaner for an hour or 2, remove, rinse and allow to dry.
  • Quarterly: Leave your filter to soak overnight in RotoSpa Cartridge Cleaner, remove, rinse and allow to dry. Once your filter dries you can pat it down to remove the ‘dusty debris’
  • Annually: If your filter is 12 months old and is looking a little worse for wear you will need to dispose of it and replace the filter. Sooner if they are degrading or the pleats become fluffy.

Download our filter cleaning schedule HERE.

4. Work smarter, not harder

If the cleaning routine above doesn’t fit into your busy life, buy an Estelle Filter Cleaner. Not only does it contain all the dirty water spraying off the filter, but it also removes the need for monthly chemical soaks. Simply place the filter in the device, put the lid on, attach your hose and away you go. Cleans filters in minutes. For expert level cleaning continue with quarterly overnight soaks in RotoSpa cartridge cleaner.

5. Signs your filters need replacing

If the pleats in your filter are getting fluffy, or your filter is reaching 12 months old, it’s time to think about replacing it. Over time the pleats will break down and lose their ability to capture smaller particles, allowing oil and debris to enter your pipework and internal components and resulting in cloudy water. If your filter looks like the one below, it’s time to replace it.

Purchase replacement hot tub filters here.

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