Care Tips for Your RotoSpa During Winter

Conserve energy with your jet and blower usage

Anything that may inject cold air into your water, especially in the winter, is going to reduce the water temperature. Make sure that your jets and blowers are completely turned off when your RotoSpa is not in use. Double check your air relief valves are also shut.

Brush off your RotoSpa Cover

Make sure you brush off any ice or snow from your cover on a daily basis to keep it in top condition. Also make sure you brush off ice and snow before removing your cover, this will ensure the ice or snow doesn’t fall into the water causing it to cool.

Lock Your Cover Down

Hot tub covers insulate much better when they are locked in place, preventing heat from leaving your RotoSpa and cold air getting in.

Keep your RotoSpa on Auto Mode

Always keep your spa on auto mode. This will keep your hot tubs water temperature regulated stopping it from cooling down in the colder weather. This will also rule out the possibility of water freezing in the pipes.

Winter RotoSpa Shutdown Service

This service is ideal for a spring re-commission or annual service. Your hot tub must be full of hot water when our engineer arrives and the following tasks will be carried out. Contact the RotoSpa team for our competitive service prices.

  • Filters are soaked in cleaning solution, then left to dry
  • Older filters may need to be replaced and are available at additional cost
  • Empty, clean, rinse down and vacuum out the spa
  • Drain Water from Components
  • We remove inspection panel and drain all water from components, pipework and most importantly the heater
  • Shrink wrap the top of the spa
  • This helps keep water out
  • Isolate power supply to hot tub
  • The hot tub is then left to hibernate for the winter

Make sure you wrap up warm to and from your hot tub with robes and slippers. Slippers or flip flops also help you from carrying debris into your RotoSpa on your bare feet.

Keep hydrated with water or a soothing herbal tea. Maybe even treat yourself to a hot chocolate or a winter spice cocktail while you have your relaxation session.

The RotoSpa Team are always on hand to help. Please contact us if you have any questions about your RotoSpa.