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Your Lockdown Hero Stories

We feel very honoured that we can share these wonderful stories with you from some of our Lockdown Hero nomination.

Grab a drink and take some time to read through these incredible heartfelt stories, showing peoples kindless and bravery happening all around us. 

Patricia O’Neill   I would like to nominate my mum Patricia, as she is the most selfless and resilient person I know. She is a palliative care nurse at R.S. hospital, which has always been a challenging role but I have seen her face the most challenging time in her career over the past few weeks as she has dedicated herself to providing the best possible care to COVID-19 patients that she can. This is all whilst being headstrong enough to make the decision that she will isolate away from our family for our safety (due to us being in high risk categories) whilst she works on the front line. It has been a scary time for us all as my mum is close to retirement age now too which we are aware can make her more high risk also. I have never been a prouder daughter than I am right now however, as she has truly taken everything in her stride and is determined to deliver the best possible care to her patients no matter what. This would give my mum the chance to finally be able to relax – something I think neither of my parents have been able to do for a while! Just getting some recognition for the work she’s doing would make my mum so happy, and this incredible prize would be the icing on top of the cake. Thank you.

Jane  My mum works for a large gas company who supply a lot of medical gas (Oxygen) among many other things needed daily to keep the country running. She looks after a team of engineers all over the country and has been working like crazy this whole lockdown. She has also been helping her neighbours with there shopping (he had a heart attack) and my grandma whos in her 80s and friends and family over 70. As well as this she found the time to drive an hour to me to drop off food and supplies and little things to try and cheer me up. My stepdad has a condition putting him in the vulnerable category so my mums had to keep her distance from the man she loves to protect him, help others and keep working. My mum is amazing. Not just during this crisis but all the time she helps everyone and anyone and never asks for anything in return. I’d love for her to get something special like this.

Linda Smith I would like to nominate my mum…who has spent her spare time making face masks and wash bags for the local NHS and care staff all of which have been donated so think she definitely deserves a special treat as she is absolutely fantastic

Leanne Ratford Leanne works hard running the local Drs Surgery Dispensary & is an amazing supportive friend who has supported me since I lost my teenage Son x

Scott smith “I’d like to nominate my husband scott smith. He is a front line ambulance technician for west midlands ambulance service.He was doing his student paramedic course & was called back to the front line during corona virus. He never moans, he just gets on with things working hard & goes above and beyond. He has supported me through 2 mental break downs. He is amazing, supportive & my whole world & he deserves a nice relaxing break.”

Dan Edge He works as a critical care nurse, in a busy hospital

Sarah Hodgetts I’d like to nominate my wife she got furloughed from her job in March and volunteered straight away without hesitation as a local nhs volunteer in our community. She has collected and delivered prescriptions food and parcels for elderly vulnerable and shielding people, and taken people to hospital and doctors appointments. So proud to call her my wife

Malcolm Wills I would like to nominate Malcolm because when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last year he changed his a career from an engineer to an ambulance driver just so he had the flexibility to attend all my hospital appointments and spend more time with me . He does an amazing job juggling looking after his patients and caring for me who is classed as extremely vulnerable too. This prize would be the icing on the cake after a very stressful time at work and at home. He’s my hero

Stephanie Coughlin My wife has been working frontline in A&E working with normal a&e pressures and covid patients. She’s also been looking after the family too which consists of myself of two girls. At times she has become upset and stressed but always manages to overcome this and be a great wife, mum and nurse.

Claire Young As a frontline Children’s Services Social Worker Claire has to visit vulnerable families who because of their lifestyles are higher risk, dressed up in PPE she does her emotionally challenging job with pride and dedication. She was struck down with Covid19 in March and continues to struggle physically, resting in her own time saving the energy she has to make sure she can be at work keeping children safe! Her physical, mental and emotional challenges over the last months have been enormous however she has pushed through every barrier. I am so proud of her, she is a true and worthy hero! #RotoSpaUk #LockdownLegends

Claire Young “I would like to nominate my partner Claire. Over the last few months she has been a pillar of our local community, despite having to overcome COVID19 herself. As a social worker Claire makes sure vulnerable children and families are safe. It is an emotionally challenging job made even more challenging with full PPE. At points Claire was the only available social worker to do face to face visits due to staff shortages and still she stayed strong, full of hope. Claire also delivered food parcels to ensure families had enough and supported them to connect with other organisations for support to avoid them being cut off, going above and beyond offering that reassuring voice.

Claire Young Despite living far away from her own family and friends Claire continues to put others first, selflessly bringing bundles of joy and positivity to keep us a happy home. Going the extra mile Claire organised a surprise pub crawl for us around our flat, a different pub in every room named after local pubs in our area, decorated with their themes. She created an entire campsite in our livingroom seems we couldn’t go camping and she baked us a wonderful Afternoon Tea to celebrate our anniversary together! Despite the challenging times we have faced we have also made some wonderful memories that we will cherish and I have her to thank for that. I don’t think she truly recognises just how wonderful and supportive she is not to mention how much she fills others with joy I would love for her to know. I have definitely found my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that’s for sure.”

Annie Spedding, Doreen Spedding & Simone Black My girls, we have 3 of them working in the NHS, I had the chance to work from home, they didn’t, my daughter in law now picks up my wife and daughter, they car share, if one is doing a different shift they all stay and do extra hours for free

Ian Churchley My husband works relentlessly in the NHS as a Charge Nurse at The Walton Centre Liverpool, he is the sole discharge planner for the hospital ensuring appropriate funding care and environment is correct for his patients complex needs. He apeared on the Hospital programme 2019 which showed his dedication and hard work
Ian is my brother in law and he’s a Policeman. His partner Catherine is also a Police Officer but she’s 6 months pregnant so working from home. They’re both working hard every day to help keep us all safe and they never complain at all. They’re MY Hero’s x

James Callaghan He works with special needs children as a teacher in Walsall and goes above and beyond to help them, he even made his own website and made tasks for his children to take part in this is the page https://woozlewish.weebly.com for the school he works at Mary Elliot. He also looks after his wife with all her illnesses

Ben and Jacob These 2 ambulance first responders have knocked up 325 hrs of voluntary service between them responding to 999 calls throughout April and risking the corona virus. Not paid and using their own vehicles too. It takes alot to do it and be paid, but these do it for free. Superstars.

Ash Ahmed My partner a bus driver for National Express for over 13 yrs always gone above & beyond to help his fellow passengers in need especially the elderly he deserves this amazing prize.

Fiona Scothern My neighbour Fiona works at Derby Royal Infirmary in Breast cancer research. Due to Covid-19 she has been seconded to the Covid-19 wards to input valuable data on the virus. Her husband works away during the week on a contract for Severn Trent to supply water to Birmingham and as a result both children have to go to school whilst their friends are being home schooled. This has been a massive adjustment to the family and Fiona with a daily routine of doning PPE on arrival to work and disinfecting on departure, all so we can know more about this virus

Michael Stringer Michael is a Sainsbury’s delivery van driver he has worked 7 days a week since lockdown and most evenings he is home at 11 pm he has no time to do anything except eat and go to bed he like many delivery drivers are theforgotten heroes

Abby – Abby is always so kind, generous, and thinking about others before herself. She always prioritises what needs to be done before doing things for herself, and always does so without complaining. She is a solid friend who always listens, always encourages, always tries to help you see the positive in the negative. She puts up with me!

I nominate my son Ben Nelson who has been working tirelessly for West Midlands Ambulance. He has been away from his 2 year old son and pregnant wife who is expecting their second child imminently for the last 8 weeks. They miss him so much and can’t wait for him to come home. What a great addition to the garden a hot tub would be so they could relax and chill when they are reunited. They made a lovely poster for the window saying Go Daddy with the NHS rainbow and an ambulance. I am so proud of our hero. Ben Nelson

Everyday she is an inspiration of strength, and not just during a pandemic. One of Beths 3 wonderful children has many physical and learning challenges. These challenges have not lessened during these difficult times and yet she continues to make their lives as wonderful as ever. She is a true inspiration. Her family is one of the most wonderful family units and I’m so proud that she is my bestest friend. She has time for everyone and is one of the most special people I know. She deserves this, they could really do with something amazing to enjoy. Bethan Elton

Cheryl Jade Hall Healthcare worker caring for the Elderly and Vulnerable Residents through this Pandemic, keeping there spirits high when there families can’t visit them,being kind,caring hardworking,risking her own health doing what she loves best Care for others.Im so proud of you.💕

He is my hubby to be and daddy to 4 beautiful girls. He works hard in the community making sure all pathways are clear and all grass etc is cut. He also delivers food parcels to those who cannot get out. Not only being a full time dad, but he akso has nissed seeing one of his daughters due to the lockdown. Its bewn a tough time for him and for us all and to top it all off our wedding has been postponed for another year! So feeling a bit down. Would love a pick me up! Would love an appreciation treat for him and something to bring a smile to out faces when qe can all be together again Matthew Webb

We moved into our house together on Feb 13th and got married on Feb 20th blending our family of six children. A week later I was made redundant and then lockdown. I have been on the high risk list with a long term chronic illness and the stress of loosing my job and lockdown has made me ill again. Not the best start to married life, but Steve never complained and is looking after me, our children and still working longer hours than ever before to keep us all safe without any complaints. It would mean the world if he could be recognised for the amazing husband and father he is please. Steve Evatt

Sara Farrell “I would like to nominate my daughter Sara, in March she launched a fund to raise money and deliver PPE to frontline workers all over the UK. She has raised 125k and delivered over half a million pieces of PPE including masks, visors, gowns and scrubs to over 200 locations all over the UK.

She normally works in the creative events and festival industry despite all her work being cancelled she has worked 18 hour days to keep keyworkers and frontline workers safe.

She is very humble and whenever anyone compliments her she diverts all praise to the frontline workers she has worked tirelessly to protect.

She would be blown away if she won a hot tub from you it’s always been a dream of hers to own a hot tub!

Many thanks


I would like to nominate my son he has been amazing helping the neighbors making sure they are all ok if they need anything cutting there grass brushing up watering the plants painting fences trimming hedges and trees picking up rubbish keeping busy Kai Wellington

For her tireless dedication to local people affected by cancer and there families. Pat has had many health problems over the last few years especially with her eyes and yet works tirelessly to provide support and sanctuary for those in Sutton Coldfield going through a cancer diagnosis. Patricia Bright

My hero has not long been a police officer but has excelled since joining. She gives it her all every day and has recently gone above and beyond by jumping on someone and arresting them after they had just stabbed someone. The bravery shown is tremendous. Elle Harper

Ashley has been working frontline as a nurse in our local intensive care unit. She is a trained theatre nurse and in light of the pandemic, she selflessly volunteered to be retrained as an ICU nurse to support the anticipated pandemic volume. Whilst working long shifts within her new stressful role, she always puts others first, providing shopping for elderly and shielding relatives. Alongside this she has been coordinating a house move and planning a wedding in November. We are all very proud of Ashley! X Ashley Taylor

Terry is the most amazing man I have ever met. He is so selfless, caring and very protective. After losing his mum from a short illness who was his rock and best friend, I found out I was pregnant, my pregnancy was horrendous but he helped me every step of the way and spoilt me so much, our little girl was born at 35 weeks after finding something wrong, we were whisked 100 miles away to a different hospital and our baby was born, the doctor came in and told us he had bad news, Our baby had an extra chromosome, she had down syndrome. Terry stood up and said without a hunch, “why is that bad news? she is perfect in every way” the doctor apologised. she was in NICU for 3 weeks 100 miles away, Terry drove every day from work and back. she was then moved to our local hospital for another 6 weeks. Iv hadnto go in to isolation with my baby as we are both high risk, terry is a key worker, luckily he doesnt have to work near people so can still stay with us. He has been working 14 hours a day 6 days a week, he makes the hand sanitiser for the hospitals and has to get the supplies out. Hes barely seeing his daughter hit her milestones. She wont hit them as often as a typical baby, she will be a little bit slower but will do it in her own time. He is also going through the stress of buying us a new house so we can be closer to my family, hes giving up a lot moving away. Terry

Karla runs the local village shop with her husband but he as had to move away to shield for 12 weeks. Her 20 year old son has his own health issues and has been shielding at home. Her daughter has had to move to grandparents. She has been working 24/7 despite being really tired to keep our village fed. We have lots of elderly residents and she has been arranging home deliveries. She has been searching far and wide to get the items people want and has been doing all of this always with a smile on her face and thanking everyone else for the little bits they do. The whole village is so grateful for what she has achieved and she deserves to be able to treat herself each night when she goes home. I could say so much more, she organised treats for the kids and celebrations on VE Day it’s a long list! Karla Morris

Skye is the Head of DT at the school and has driven our school and nine others to make over 4,500 pieces of PPE for local frontline settings including Good Hope, Heartlands and the QE Hospitals, as well as many schools, care homes and hospices locally. Skye Bowen

Alan Mceachin My hubby Alan is a community carer and I don’t think they are getting the amazing recognition they deserve, he is in the community caring for clients some more able bodied and fitter than he is. He is their only contact during this difficult period, offering help humour and compassion where needed. He is definitely a Community Hero because without him a lot of his clients would be isolated from the outside world, while I know everyone has their own story to tell, HE IS DEFINITELY OUR HERO!!!

John mason is the communitea cafe manager at age concern Birmingham in Boldmere. John from mid March, the start of lock down has been Daily making and delivering food to our most vulnerable Older adults across Birmingham. John has arranged with supermarkets to go early and shop in bulk to put free food bags together to be delivered to those most in need. John delivers meals and takes the time to check people are ok and also to arrange for them to have a weekly well-being call. For VE Day John made 200 scones to be delivered to older most vulnerable people we have supported through covid19. John mason

Louise is a SRN at Wolverhampton New Cross Hospital, during this pandemic she has gone out to patients home to care for children with cystic fibrosis to ensure they have the medication and support they need at this difficult time reassuring parents. She also works on the children’s ward at New Cross. Whilst doing her day to day job she has also been working alongside a Black Country charity making cakes to be distributed to the elderly. Louise is one of the most caring people I know she is as fantastic mom to her two boys and always goes above and beyond to help anyone. Louise Morby

Matt Bradley Matt selflessly cuts the verges along his lane to aid walkers, horse riders, & vehicles. He has set up a local Whats App notification to help keep residents informed & safe in the rural area. Matt is the reassuring figure in the village & online. He is never too busy to assist those in need although he works full time, is a loving caring foster father to three young siblings, plus daughter, baby, and a small holding to care for. A really lovely, genuine guy that deserves recognition (and a hot tub to relax in!)

“My beautiful mum janet jolley who retired after working in a card home at the beginning of this year, but when the virus hit she took herself out of retirement to go back to the care home she worked in to help look after the residents and cover staff shortages.
We were due to have a huge celebration this May as my dad also retired last week after 45 years in the same company. We’ve had to postpone all the celebrations but I’m sure we will all be together again soon to celebrate in style” Janet Jolley

Jack Challinor He is a police officer and has worked tirelessly during this pandemic even doing extra shifts when needed. He has also been assaulted which in the current climate is even more scary than usual. He is always there for me no matter what and he deserves this!

Jack Challinor Because being a police officer is a tough job and ever tougher when there is a worldwide virus and you have no choice but to have face to face contact with people every day. Even getting assaulted at work by having blood spat in his face he still continues to go to work every day without complaint and comes home and never fails to make me smile! He deserves to relax in a hottub with a beer in hand and put himself worse for once

Emily Clarke I would like to nominate my future daughter in law emliy Clarke who is a NHS nurse who works in the community of Felixstowe and Ipswich she’s very dedicated and worked through out the lock down seeing all her patients. Also Emily hubby to be my son Brendan he went to Costa Rica in March and built a turtle 🐢 hatchrie he runs a community organisation called happyglobe. So proud of both of them this would be wonderful thanks so much 🙏

Kirsty is a Mother of two boys Floyd 10 and Jack 2; and while the virus has been scary for her. She continues to go to work has a nurse knowing she choose to have two commitments in life her family and her patients. Kirsty pretends to her boys that she is brave and the virus does not scare her but she has told me that she is scared ever time she leaves to go on shift. Kirsty is one of hundreds of thousands of key workers but to my daughter in law is my one true hero xxxx Kirsty Berrington

I would like to nominate two hero’s of mine, Rachael and Barry Free they are my parents and obviously people’s parents are usually their hero’s but I think both my parents are amazing hero’s! My dad suffers from anxiety and kept it quiet for 10 years! But he is a hero because he found the courage to speak up about his mental health to get help and still suffers from anxiety but he deals with it so much better and to me that is a true hero. My mum Rachael is also a hero because, she has been right by my dads side supporting him through the good and the bad with his anxiety and just general life she does so much for everyone and is so selfless! My parents are true hero’s and deserve to take away all the stress they sometimes still deal with, with one of your luxurious hot tubs. Thank you for taking the time to read my nomination if you do. 🙂 Rachael and Barry Free

My wife who from the start never batted an eye lid to go and work with the elderly or frail in our community. She works so many hours just to make sure they are safe and well then she comes home and makes sure her daughter and myself are OK. Even when she does loose one of her patients she still goes and help the family deal with the pain. She my daughters and my hero just because she cares for everyone all the time. She’s a community care giver who travels around everyday of the week, starting at 7am and sometimes she only gets home at around 11:30pm bless her. She’s amazing in every way. I’m disables3and she even looks after me and our miracle daughter of 3yrs………… Kelly Knight

“Id like to nominate my mini hero called Kate, 11 year old niece who is currently self-isolating together with her younger sister Ria who suffers from cerebral paulsey and is therefore in the 12-week isolation category. Kate has had some rough years losing her parents and coming to terms with a new life. It constantly amazes me to see how selfless she is, taking care of and being a best friend to her younger sister. Having suffered the loss of both parents in recent years, I’m amazed but her relentless energy and happiness for life. Shes a shining light for our family and most of all, a rock for Ria. Every day theres a craft, a quiz or a game up her sleeve. She puts others first, and at 11 years old, I’m in awe. We have hired a hot tub before which made them absolutely ecstatic with shrieks of laughter. It would be an exciting win for them that would keep them entertained for days on end. When I grow up, I want to be just like Kate.Many thanks for considering this entry in advance.” Kate 

Sue is the CEO of Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland. She is an inspiring woman working tirelessly for women who experience sexual violence whilst giving her staff , of which I’m honoured to be one, the upmost care. Before the UK officially entered lockdown Sue mobilised our team to move our services to fully accommodate social distancing. Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland have continued to offer all our services to survivors of sexual violence and this would not have happened without compassionate, forward thinking and passionate leadership. Working from home has not been easy for me with two toddlers. Sue has supported me every step of the way to continue to hold ( now online) group spaces for survivors. We could have gone done the fulourgh route and paused our services. I am committed to holding these powerful groups and i would have struggled on 80% of my normal pay. My hero of covid is Sue. She has kept my family safe and secure through my employment and helped me continue the incredibly important job that I love. Sue Pearce

I’d like to nominate my wife claire . She lost her mum to secondary breast cancer in September , then lost her grandma 9 weeks later . She is now her grandads main carer , along with keeping her dad going . She does their shopping , takes her dad a Sunday lunch every week and still has tome for me and Megan , her 11 year old daughter . Shes quite amazing Claire snowdon

Laura Foster Laura ran a social distancing sale outside the house during lockdown raising over £2k for the NHS workers so they could be treated on shift, the money went towards sending hampers into hospital with treats, drinks, hand and feet care products plus more. She worked 12 hours a day setting up, managing and putting away the sale and it really bought the community together during a rough time, she even had the police on board and was advertised on there twitter page.

I would like to nominate myself and my partner! I’m an nhs cook, partially disabled and this would certainly ease my aches and pains! My partner is a semi retired postie who is back working full time for the foreseeable future, and winning one of your spas would certainly help him too! Its a lovely thought… winning a spa… Andrew Foggo

My mum is a manager of a care home & also a registered nurse there. She does her best everyday to keep everyone safe – alongside that organises shopping for my grandparents & vulnerable family members. She also cooks & fills the freezer for her elderly neighbour & shops for her ensuring she has everything. She works on her days off & weekends to ensure everyones safe Sarah Hitchcock

Jen “My friend Jen has two children, one of them being autistic. And a husband who is disabled. Despite this, and despite having her own family to support she has been running around like a headless chicken making sure me and my family have everything we need.

For the last 14 weeks we have been shielding our oldest daughter due to her having a chronic lung condition meaning she is extremely vulnerable. We have found it extremely difficult at times getting what we need, especially as our daughter is also autistic with a very limited diet.

Jen has offered to go shopping for us, has actually been shopping for us, is the first to message me if she finds a shopping slot even though she could have used it for herself. She has baked cakes for us and dropped them off at our doorstep to surprise is when were having a particularly stressful day. She is constantly there if I need a chat, or a moan.

Honestly without Jen, I dont think we would have survived the last 14 weeks indoors.”

Id like to nominate my hero because she has helped to inspire her class of children since schools closed in March by producing a brilliant home learning programme of work that included a virtual trip to the USA to Boston aquarium and Florida to swim with sharks. The children got completely on board, sending her pictures of them leaving home to go to the airport and lying on the beach. One child even created their own gift shop! She then collated all their work and pictures and posted this online. She really is an amazing teacher who goes above and beyond what is expected of her! Jane Stone

Despite working 12 hour shifts on a regular basis as a paramedic she still finds time to help her friends and family with shopping and whatever need they have Rebecca is a true Hero. Rebecca Potschacher
She works for the NHS but still has time to shop for us and her grandparents and delivers is to us. She keeps going and is amazing Charlotte Hunter

I nominate louise as she is key worker who has worked for the nhs for over 12yrs, she is also making sure that me and her grandad are supplied with everything we need during lockdown as we are self isolating Louise Gadd

“Jen is my little sister and is a Radiographer at Sunderland Royal Hospital spending all her day xraying patients with cv19. She has worked tirelessly through lockdown despite the fact she has quite a few personal difficulties at the moment. A shock epilepsy diagnosis last year meant she had to give up her car so she walks two miles to the hospital sometimes up to seven days a week as her work schedule is just crazy. Shes now been seizure free for 13 months but due to the lockdown she cant go out and buy a car. Two weeks ago she started showing signs of. Corona virus and was isolated until she could be tested. Thankfully she got a negative result and as soon as she got the all clear she was packing her bags to get back to work the same day.
To add to an already stressful situation she was having an extension done on her house at the start of the year. The initial build was complete before lockdown but unfortunately her kitchen wasnt fitted and they arent currently being produced. This means that for the last 7 weeks shes been without a kitchen and so is cooking in a microwave and an air fryer but with no oven. Her garden will eventually be redesigned as part of the extension and I think a rota spa would be a brilliant addition to her garden. We have a rotaspa ourselves and know how amazing it is to have a soak at the end of a tiring day. I cant think of anyone more deserving at the moment to have this little luxury in her life.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Laura x” Jenny Harrison

Gina is a Specialist Midwife looks after pregnant teenagers , drug dependant women, homeless women. As side of life many never see. Plus she has helped people during covid , getting shopping , prescriptions, her and her daughter made and brought cakes round as well! Why does she deserve a nomination, because if I told her she would say she doesnt ! Gina does her bit no drama , no shouting ! Gina Twist

My Wife who is a prison Officer working under extremely violent conditions during this covid 19 situation. And for always staying positive. Sheila Howlett

James and his wife Sarah have taken a driving force in our local village organising a community response team& web site to assist anyone who needs help in this time of isolation. They are always cheery and bright, and have made it easy for many vulnerable people to survive and feel cared for. James and Sarah Holt are tremendous kind people and deserve to be recognised. James Holt

“I would like to nominate my brother and his wife Emma. I lost my son on the 23rd January 2020 to a rare birth defect CDH, I fell apart. I was on my own, my parents, my brother and Emma held me up. During lock down they’ve gone on socially distant walks with me, sent me drawings from my nieces, organised virtual dinners, phoned me and messaged me when I’ve had a wobbly day. I would nominate my parents too but they don’t have a garden.
They let me talk about Archie, they never put pressure on me to be doing anything, they have simply been amazing. I would not have survived the last five months without them” Steve Larkin & Emma

Kellie C. I know, love and respect many people in the medical field that are good at what they do. They love their patients and it shows. The reason that I wanted to nominate Kellie is so simple. She stands out, her passion and love are so genuine it radiates. She takes “Love one another as I have loved you” to heart and applies it to her patient care in way that those around her not only see it, they feel it. It’s not a chore or a job, it’s Kellie’s heart and it shines! She’s been known to dress up as Santa for the residents and even the Easter Bunny. Even during Covid, donned in all of her PPE the Easter Bunny did not forget to make an appearance in a safe way to the patients that she could. I am certain that those of us that are fortunate enough to know her are better for it. She is strong and tough when she needs to be, she is always loving and always thorough. The medical knowledge plus love and care that she applies together all make up for a super star Hospice Nurse! #healthcarehero in the flesh!

Shirley Pringle “I would like to take my wife Shirley
She is a research nurse working on COVID 19 studies she is putting herself at risk to find a treatment or vaccine for this awful virus she worked on the steroid study that has shown a reduction in death rate and I am so proud of her 💕🌈
She was having to self isolate from me and the kids practically held up in the loft it’s was so difficult when she came home upset and she couldn’t even have a hug ….. she has dedicated 27 years to the NHS and is amazing. Her normal role is as a cancer research nurse and she has continued to look after these patients throughout the pandemic too giving them much needed support, advice and care she absolutely loves her job and has really gone the extra mile for others. we are going to spoil her so much when this is over

Chloe Marie Disney I would like to nominate my wife because she has always worked in the care community, started working for the NHS at our local hospital just before the pandemic. Chucked in at the deepend but always trying her best to make everyone else happy. She is an amazing wife and a wonderful mother to our 4 children, youngest being only 7 months old. She has an amazing heart and definitely deserves a treat. ❤

Marie I’d love to nominate my mom, Marie. She is a care worker for people with dementia and has worked tirelessly through the pandemic to give her residents the best care and keep them safe

Mary Wilson Both Mary and her husband James have been working constant throughout this whole lockdown and this would be just a great surprise

Katherine Taylor My mum is a primary school teacher.Throughout lockdown she has been going into school to look after to the key workers children, putting herself at risk to keep others safe. She has gone the extra mile in making sure the kids have fun at school spending her weekends organising engaging activities and crafts for the children.After work she has came home tired but still has made the effort to kinky help me with my home learning.

Adam Stott I would love to nominate my husband to win this very generous prize because he had surgery to save his life just before locked down in February 2020 and he has come so far … he is now back in work and and he provides for me and our son and he really does deserve a special treat to say thank you from us we really do appreciate him

Janis Sadler “I would like to nominate my mother. She has been a real trooper throughout lockdown. Sadly, she’s been by herself but we’ve had daily phone calls to keep one another’s spirits high. She speaks to her grandson and sings nursery rhymes which he loves! She has always been the glue that keeps the family together, and I’m glad to say that COVID19 has not put pay to this!

My mum has been taking her friends’ dogs for daily walks around the neighbourhood, and has bought back groceries for them.

My mum fills all our hearts full of love and our bellies full of giggles. She has the strength of a superhero and is the kindest person I know.”

Jon I work for the NHS which has been quite stressful with all of the Covid changes. My new partner Jon has been a massive help to me, and after a long day at work I come home to a cooked dinner and foot rubs! On top of this he has been a real support to me after my recent divorce and been very understanding about some of the personal issues I have faced. We have just moved in together so I would love to surprise him by him winning this prize- an amazing housewarming gift and gesture of my thanks !

Amanda Amey she works full time in a hospital while also caring for a young child

Victoria Jones is my little sister, she works at the RSH as a NHS nurse, our angel doing her thing, but shes also our little princess, keep safe all you Keyworkers xxx 💕💕💕💕💕

Jenny Jenny works at my local children’s centre. Since lockdown Jenny has rang me every Friday to check that me and my disabled twins are ok. We’ve discussed everything from COVID-19, mental health, future hopes and dreams to having a good girly natter! She’s also dropped off activities for the twins at my gate and forwarded links for tips on occupying them. Our government has done nothing for carers looking after children with disabilities it’s as if we’ve been forgotten. Without Jenny’s kind words and caring nature, I could of easily cracked. Who would of thought a lovely lady at my local children’s centre would end up becoming a confidant and a firm friend.

Karen Dagley I would love to nominate my mum Karen she’s been working around the clock caring for the vulnerable with disabilities after her long shift she goes home every night to bake cakes for her residents to keep them smiling while in isolation. All the ingredients are paid for out of her own wages

Anna “I would love to nominate my other half Anna. She has been my rock for the last three years and I couldn’t imagine life without her. When we first met I was going through the painful process of coming out as gay to my family and friends. It was a very difficult time but she held me tight and now I’m out and very happy with wonderfully supportive family and friends.
Three years on here we are living together with our cats are starting the process of fertility treatment. During lockdown we have spent lots of quality time in our garden together. It has become our special place. I would love if I could win this hot tub prize for her as a thank you for helping me through! The even bigger surprise would come when I propose in the hot tub! Wouldn’t that be something!”

Adam Masters I have a 12 year old son who is disabled and needed to be shielded for 12 weeks. I suffer from anxiety, depression and OCD and knew it was going to be a really hard time for myself and my son. My friend adam has been an absolute ROCK; checking in on me and Alfie everyday, collecting shopping for us and always being there at the other end of the phone. He’s one of life’s good guys. Selfless, considerate, caring and really funny! Humour has gotten me through this past few months. Oh, how I’d love to surprise him with this to say THANK YOU.

Theresa Smith I am nominating my wife Theresa, she works 24hr shifts 4 times a week in a fabulous residential home in the New Forest. When at home she spends quality time with our 3 Awesome children even though she is worried and tired she never shows it to those she loves.

Ellie Perkins “Ellie has been our lifeline during shielding. Our entire family have been off school and working from home because I have a profound disability and am extremely clinically vulnerable. Because of Ellie, we were able to begin shielding two weeks early as she started to do our shopping for us. She cued outside shops, wiped our food and dropped it at our front door. This made it possible to keep me safe through the peak.
Although we knew I was on the shielding list, it took 8 weeks to get the official letter. This meant we were unable to access any food parcels or online shopping slots. Without Ellie, we would have been forgotten, with no access to food or essentials. She never forgot us and contacted me several times a week to check we had everything we needed. Despite juggling being a teacher working from home and having her young children at home too, she always made time to ensure we were ok. We never had to ask for her help and she wouldn’t accept gifts of thanks. She feels that she has done what anyone else would do, but nobody else helped us like she did. I would love her to win so that she knows how much we appreciate her and that she really is an exceptional person. Thank you Ellie.”

Clare Davies I would like to nominate my fiancee Clare, a 3rd year student nurse who works for the nhs. She is in Her last year of uni and bravely stepped forward to work on the front line in an extended paid placement to help the NHS in the covid crisis! Her bravery and strength deserve to be rewarded for her efforts and contributions!

Jill Barr “I would like to nominate jill Barr, who is my CPN (community psychiatric nurse). She, is in charge of the care I get for my mental health problems and she makes sure, that I have all my needs met.

But, she goes above & beyond, her job description, and she is such a positive influence in my life. I know that I can be hard work, but Jill is always so patient, and never gives up on me, but I bet that at times, she really wants to throttle me, but she hides it well.

One thing she does, that, I really appreciate, is making sure, no matter, how isiolated I get, and when I’ve not had much contact with friends and family, she is always there and that I am not alone.

I know that I can go to Jill about anything, and she would never judge me, or make me feel like I am a right weirdo, or a total head case. Instead, she treats me with an open mind, and invaluable advice and she knows just what to say, and things seem clearer every time.

Jill always makes time for me, no matter what, which is just amazing, since she has 50 otherr patients to sort out. She, deserves to win this prize, so much and I can’t stress enough, how much she helps me, and all of her patients and the care she gives us.

I think, that, if, I won this for Jill, my advice to her, would be to go on holiday & get some well deserved time away from all us loony tunes. Although, only on the condition, that she takes me with her. Only messing. The only thing, I would hope for, is for her to spend the money on herself and enjoy spending every penny.

She is just a genuine, and lovely person, and she makes me feel secure and it gives me confidence. She gets me through the bad times, and is laughing with me when thngs are good and I would love nothing more, than to win this prize for her, and it couldn’t go to a nicer person.

If it wasn’t for our amazing NHS, I have no doubt, that I would be dead by now, and I am truly thankful, for all the help I have got ovet the years and still get now. I will never take it for granted so thank you NHS. Lets hope that this pandemic will give Borria a wake up call and go to work, but stay at home and stay 2 metres away or 1 meter, but 2 if possible and at least make 1 solid decision and keep the NHS.”

Laura McCulloch Single Mum ,to my Two Gran Children .Contacted Covid in April Torrid isolation for Three weeks. With Children, All clear, back to work on double shifts, Front line in a Nursing home .Still happy, and keeping us oldies free ,by collecting our medication and doing our shopping.

Mark Lowe he’s worked 24/7 as a recovery driver recovering broken down emergency service vehicles hes had no break at all

Thank you to all of the Heroes who were nominated. You are truly wonderful

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