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8 smart ways of maintaining an energy-efficient hot tub

Energy Efficient Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub is thrilling but comes with the need for smart choices, especially around energy efficiency. Hot tubs can be notorious for their high energy usage—particularly older or poorly-maintained models.

Thankfully, the path to an eco-friendly, energy-efficient hot tub is far from complex. Simple upgrades and scheduling tweaks can transform your spa into a savings sanctuary. So, if you’re eager to dip into a more energy-efficient hot tub experience, stick around. 

We’re about to explore key methods that can dramatically lower your hot tub’s energy demands.

1. Optimise your filtration schedule for energy-efficient hot tub use

The most significant energy usage in hot tubs is heating and pumping water through the filtration system. Optimising efficiency relies significantly on the filtration schedule. Analyse when you genuinely need filtration. During the times when you’ll use the tub the most, programme the system accordingly.

During periods of extended non-use, such as vacations, consider turning off your filtration system to conserve energy. However, it’s crucial to note that this should only be done if the hot tub is emptied of water. Leaving water stagnant in the tub without filtration could lead to the accumulation of bacteria and algae, making the tub slimy and unhygienic over time. 

Striking a balance in the filtration schedule is essential for maintaining water cleanliness without wasting energy. A well-calibrated schedule ensures high water quality while eliminating unnecessary filtration cycles, saving energy and money.

2. Utilise economy mode

Like RotoSpa or any other trusted brand of hot tub in the UK, many modern hot tubs nowadays have an “economy” or “energy saving” mode. This mode automatically reduces energy usage when you’re not using the tub. This economy mode works by slightly dialling back the set temperature of the water, minimising filtration cycles, and avoiding unnecessary pumping.

Like RotoSpa’s intelligent SpaNet control system, it essentially puts your tub into a low-power standby state. It also constantly adapts to maintain your spa water’s cleanliness and temperature optimally and efficiently.

Nevertheless, balancing your use is vital. While cost-saving is appealing, don’t neglect water quality. If used smartly, economy mode can save energy without compromising your experience, blending efficiency with enjoyment.

3. Invest in a heat pump

If you’re serious about having an energy-efficient hot tub, a heat pump is also an investment worth considering. For instance, using RotoSpa energy-saving technology heat pumps can slash your operational costs by up to 75%. 

These heat pumps can heat a tub in just 3-4 hours, compared to inflatable spas, which might take an average of two days to heat up. Opting for an air-sourced heat pump is cost-effective!

4. Upgrade to new filters

Replacing old filters with new high-performance filters can significantly enhance your hot tub’s energy efficiency. Replace dirty, clogged, or worn-out filters with modern ones for the best results. 

Newer pleated paper filter options are especially good at maintaining excellent water flow and filtration. They offer much lower resistance and use less energy than older cartridge filters.

Remember that keeping your filters clean and well-maintained is essential. Upgrading to a quality modern filter designed for energy optimisation can greatly reduce the strain on your pumping system.

5. Secure your cover properly

One of the fastest ways to drain energy is by leaving your hot tub cover loosely secured. Be sure to lock the cover in place correctly. Make sure as well that it has a tight seal when it’s not in use. Frequently inspect the cover for rips, gaps, or tears. Taking a moment to properly fasten the cover every time can greatly conserve warmth. Regularly inspecting for any wear or damage further boosts energy efficiency.

6. Lower water temperature

You can also experiment with gradually decreasing your hot tub’s set temperature in small increments. This can help you discover the optimal point for saving energy. Keep in mind that as the temperature rises, heating water requires much more energy.

Lowering the temperature by just a degree or two can yield significant savings because more minor heating differences require less energy. Just be careful not to overdo it. Too low of a temperature can negatively impact relaxation and hygiene. Finding the right balance means notable energy savings without sacrificing comfort and enjoyment.

7. Enhanced insulation for a better energy-saving hot tub

One of the most straightforward and effective ways to improve energy efficiency is by enhancing your tub’s insulation. Investing in a high-quality cover that seals heat tightly can significantly decrease heat loss when the tub is unused. This small step can have a major impact.

At RotoSpa, we’ve innovatively designed our energy-saving hot tub insulation, Duralon, which is exceptionally thick. This ensures water temperature maintenance for prolonged durations without the constant need for a heater. In trials, combining Duralon with a SpaNet controller resulted in an energy consumption reduction of up to 35% compared to similar brands.

Better insulation also results in far less energy wastage as it avoids the need for constantly reheating. Keeping the heat in the tub through beefed-up insulation lessens the energy burden substantially.

8. Create a wind block

Finally, strong winds can quickly drain the warmth from your hot tub, forcing you to use more energy for reheating. Installing a fence, adding privacy panels, or planting shrubs around your tub can shield it from these gusts.

Additionally, improving the cover’s insulation helps protect against the wind. Taking these steps ensures the water stays warm and uses less energy overall.


Upgrading and properly maintaining your hot tub can enhance its energy efficiency. Simple adjustments, like optimising settings and boosting insulation, can result in significant savings over time. A little effort in planning and optimisation lets you enjoy your tub comfortably while reducing costs. Try these tips for an economical soak.

Looking for an energy-saving hot tub? Contact us today to explore RotoSpa’s selection of the most energy-efficient hot tubs. 

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