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7 essential hot tub cleaning steps you can try

Hot Tub Cleaning

Owning a hot tub provides a luxurious escape, turning any space into a personal relaxation haven. However, as with all luxuries, it comes with responsibilities like hot tub cleaning. Just as a car needs regular servicing, your hot tub demands consistent attention to ensure its longevity and optimal functionality. 

Without this care, your dreamy oasis could quickly turn into a source of stress. The good news is, with a systematic cleaning routine, maintaining your spa’s allure isn’t daunting. Dive into this article, and discover the essentials for pristine hot tub upkeep.


  • Regularly balancing water chemistry and cleaning physical components are fundamental to hot tub upkeep.
  • Filters play a pivotal role in ensuring water clarity and require consistent maintenance and periodic replacement.
  • Draining and deep cleaning are essential for removing accumulated contaminants and refreshing the spa experience.
  • The hot tub cover protects against external pollutants and aids in energy efficiency.
  • Opting for eco-friendly cleaning products offers an effective and environmentally-conscious alternative to traditional chemicals.

Understanding the basics of hot tub cleaning

Maintaining a hot tub goes beyond merely ensuring clear water. It’s about achieving a harmonious balance where hot tub cleaning plays a central role, ensuring every component functions seamlessly. This essential care pivots on several foundational areas. 

First and foremost is the water chemistry. Balancing water chemistry such as pH levels, alkalinity, and sanitisers ensures a safe, irritation-free soak while preventing harmful bacteria growth. Then there’s the physical care: regular cleaning of filters to prevent clogging. 

This ensures that jets function optimally for a rejuvenating experience, and wiping down interior surfaces to keep them free from scum and mineral build-ups. Don’t forget the hot tub cover, which needs periodic cleaning and inspection to protect your spa from external contaminants. 

Grasping these basic principles sets the stage for more specific maintenance tasks, ensuring your hot tub remains a soothing retreat rather than a burdensome chore.

8 steps to consider in cleaning a hot tub

1. Skimming debris from the surface

Skimming the surface of your hot tub is akin to dusting your living room – it’s all about maintenance. Regularly skimming off floating debris such as leaves, bugs, and pollen ensures that these particles don’t sink and clog the system. More specifically, cleaning a hot tub also involves addressing the gradual accumulation of natural body oils, creams, and cosmetics which can lead to a filmy layer on the tub’s interior.

Using a hot tub surface cleaner every so often helps address this issue, ensuring that the water remains inviting. Moreover, consistently deep cleaning the shell every 3-6 months, especially during your draining routine, prevents unwanted bacterial and algae growth.

2. Learning the importance of clean filters

As part of your hot tub cleaning process, try to think of your hot tub filter as the kidneys of your spa system. Just as our kidneys filter out impurities, the hot tub filters capture and hold debris, ensuring water clarity. If clogged, they can’t perform effectively, leading to murky water. Regular rinsing every 2-4 weeks, especially after heavy usage, can keep them in top condition. 

For a comprehensive clean, soaking them in a special cleaner solution helps dissolve stubborn residues. Additionally, while they’re durable, filters don’t last forever. When you start noticing wear or damage, it’s time for a replacement.

3. Cleaning and unclogging the jets

The jets in a hot tub are the heart of the massage experience. However, over time, mineral deposits and debris can block them. Cleaning them isn’t just about aesthetics, it also affects the tub’s performance. By removing each jet faceplate and giving it a good scrub, you can ensure they function effectively. 

Did you know that mineral buildup, if unchecked, can reduce the water flow from the jets, impacting their therapeutic benefits? This is why using a hot tub flush solution quarterly helps maintain jet potency, ensuring they continue to deliver those soothing massages.

4. Draining and deep cleaning

The frequency of usage and the number of bathers influence how often you should drain and clean your hot tub. Over time, contaminants build up, altering water chemistry and quality. Draining offers a reset. Once you’ve emptied the tub, it’s essential to scrub its surfaces with a designated cleaner. 

This step removes any lingering algae, bacteria, or scum. When refilling, always ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, setting the stage for a refreshed spa experience.

5. Caring for the hot tub cover

Your hot tub cover is like a shield, guarding against external contaminants and helping to maintain water temperature. Regular maintenance extends its life and keeps it looking new. A simple rinse removes surface debris while applying a vinyl conditioner periodically protects against weather elements. 

An interesting fact: a well-maintained cover can help save on energy costs, ensuring that the heat remains trapped inside, reducing the heater’s workload. Like all things, they do have a lifespan. With that in mind, it’s advisable to inspect them yearly and consider replacing them every 2-3 years.

6. Using eco-friendly cleaning products

As the emphasis on sustainability grows, many hot tub owners are gravitating towards greener cleaning solutions. Traditional hot tub chemicals, though potent, can be abrasive and not eco-friendly. Instead, natural cleaners like white vinegar can effectively tackle stains, while baking soda acts as a gentle scrub for surface shine. 

For ensuring a bacteria-free environment, tea tree oil offers antiseptic properties. By integrating these eco-friendly materials into your cleaning regimen, you can achieve a spotless, hygienic hot tub while staying kind to the environment.

7. Establishing good maintenance habits

A well-maintained hot tub ensures consistent performance, longevity, and a safe soaking environment. By integrating these cleaning habits into your routine, you safeguard your investment. 

Just like with any prized possession, regular care and attention yield the best results. Having said that, consult your owner’s manual for any specific care nuances tailored to your hot tub model.

In a nutshell…

Maintaining your hot tub’s pristine condition is a blend of regular care and timely interventions. From skimming debris to eco-friendly cleaning, each step plays a crucial role in enhancing your spa’s lifespan and performance. As you relish the therapeutic benefits, remember that consistent attention to these practices ensures a lasting, blissful hot tub experience.

Considering elevating your hot tub care or upgrading to one of our high-quality RotoSpa models? Contact us today for personalised advice, ensuring every soak is an unparalleled experience.

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