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Your very own RotoSpa Garden Staycation

Now is the time to create your very own Staycation haven in your beautiful garden. Fresh air, time with your family and not a screen in site.

The term Staycation achieved its popularity in the U.S. during the financial crisis of 2007–2010. Staycations also became a popular phenomenon in the UK in 2009 as a weak pound made overseas holidays significantly more expensive.

With uncertain times ahead of us, we need to make sure we keep ourselves fit, healthy and positive. Whether your are living alone or have family around you make sure you keep your spirits high.

Making your garden, balcony or patio into your very own Staycation to enjoy and help put your mind at ease could not be easier. You have complete freedom with your Staycation, it will fit in with your budget, your routine and your style.

LOFA support the very best in the outdoor leisure industry! and RotoSpa Ltd are the only LOFA assured Hot Tub Company in the UK. See here

The Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association (LOFA) is a pro active organisation representing the very best brands within the UK gardening industry, all adhering to the LOFA Code of Practice and Established in 1967 with a wealth of experience.

LOFA members offer a variety of stunning, modern and quality products ranging from garden furniture, barbecues, fire pits, chimeneas and of course, RotoSpa Hot Tubs! Make sure you take a look at the amazing range to help you start designing your STAYCATION haven!!!

A STAYCATION sanctuary would not be the same without  your very own RotoSpa Hot Tub and I want to tell you about all of the health benefits that come with your FOREVER SPA, and of course don’t forget about your SPARTY even if it is just for 1!

A hot tub is fun for all ages. Everyone from children to grandparents can enjoy the bubbles and fun. It creates the ideal setting to bring the family together for time to relax and enjoy conversation together.

Slip into a steamy, bubbling hot tub for your daily dose of calm and speed the repair process after a strenuous garden workout. You’ll find this routine will relieve stress, help you sleep better and promote family togetherness.

Medical practitioners and institutes of sport have praised the benefits of heated water massage therapy for years. The Arthritis Foundation is one such credible source that has found that the “warmth, massage effect, and buoyancy of the water can both relax and exercise your joints and muscles in the convenience of one’s home”.

A RotoSpa delivers the right combination of heat and massage that improves circulation, assists in relaxation and promotes well being. The Arthritis Foundation further states that, “Soaking in water allows muscles to become relaxed, which lets you perform a range of motion exercises and to carry out daily tasks with less pain and strain.” The massage effect of the therapy jets are designed to relieve muscle tensions in six areas of the body: neck, shoulder, mid back, lower back, thighs, and feet.

Hydrotherapy also has a variety of benefits for those of us who have muscle sprains and injuries, arthritis and can ease certain symptoms of diabetes*. It provides relaxation, detoxification and improved circulation. * Source: The New England Journal of Medicine September 16, 1999;341:924-925.

After you are truly relaxed bring on the fun times. There are plenty of waterproof toys and games on the market that are great fun for all the family. Waterproof cards, floating game boards, tables and drink trays all make a hot tub party a little more fun. Make sure to have a ball or two for the kids to play with too.

Your RotoSpa Hot Tub provides a perfect and affordable retreat from the daily stresses and can renew and revive you from top to toe. And now is the time to do just that.

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