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Unique design and construction

Built to last, engineered to perform, maximum energy efficiency & quality assured!

With the big shift in demand from “installed” to “portable” spas, most manufacturers simply installed their regular spas into a timber box and called it portable. Many of these require up to 8 people or a small crane to handle and become too difficult and too expensive to move. In addition the timber boxes and frames are easily damaged and can deteriorate rapidly from weather, wood worm or rotting, requiring regular and costly maintenance or repairs.

RotoSpa, on the other hand, was started with a clean sheet, and a set of objectives resulting in an innovative spa, designed and developed from the outset as a true portable. It had to be: –

  • Light enough for 1 or 2 people to handle
  • Tough enough to resist damage when moved
  • Therapeutic, low maintenance and affordable for many more people

Following the principal of modern unitary car construction to achieve reduced weight, higher strength and lower costs, RotoSpa utilises an advanced R.I.M. (Rotary Integrated Moulding) process to form the spa, the surrounds and the base all in one piece. This totally eliminates the need for timber or metal framing and the problem of rotting, cracking and corrosion.

Hot tub spa

The entire moulding is made from Duralon, which is a semi rigid polythene based, thermal plastic resin with special additives that generate an A.P.F. (Aerated Plastic Foam) core during the moulding process.
Our hot tubs are therefore not only around half the weight of equivalent acrylic and fiberglass spas, but many times tougher and with excellent heat and noise insulation qualities. Being the same material all the way through it also can’t suffer from delamination and osmosis problems.

We are recognised by industry members as a world leader in the field. As expected other companies are beginning to follow the lead but they are now some years behind in their development of the technology. However, it does serve to reinforce our faith in this as the way of the future for portable spas.

Ease of access

Due to their unique design and lightweight, our spas are perfect for ease of access and can fit through the smallest of gaps (depenedent on the spa model).

Spa installation
Spa installation
Spa installation