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Genuine RotoSpa Heater Unit Replacement Gasket 1.5kw , 2kw , 3kw (seal between element and housing).

Availability: 1 in stock (can be backordered)

Replacement union Gasket for SpaNet Heaters.

Heater and pump gaskets should be checked annually during a RotoSpa Care Service and replaced when signs of degradation occur.

These seals prevent leaks from the connecting pipework to the heater element and will degrade faster where there are water chemical imbalances. In order to prevent costly repairs ensure to book a RotoSpa Care Service each year.

Includes 1x Spa Net Heater Gasket

£5.76 £2.88includes VAT

Availability: 1 in stock (can be backordered)

RotoSpa Genuine 3/4″ Y Glue Connector

RotoSpa Genuine 3/4″ Y Glue Connector…

£6.91 £2.35includes VAT

Genuine RotoSpa Smart Flow Pump Union Set of 2 with split Unions for easier Retro Fit

Genuine replacement parts for the SpaNet 1.5hp/2.5hp Booster dual speed pumps. Regular inspection of…

£8.78 £4.39includes VAT

Genuine RotoSpa Full Filter Housing for QuatroSpa, Serenity , Orbis incl Filter

Genuine RotoSpa complete filter housing used in our Orbis and QuatroSpa models, including…

£327.46 £109.15includes VAT

RotoSpa braided PVC air hose- 1m

Genuine RotoSpa braided PVC Hose. This reinforced PVC hose is used across the RotoSpa…

£5.75 £2.21includes VAT

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