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Spa service packages

Did you know annual spa services increase the efficiency of your spa, reduce chemical and electricity consumption and reduce the risk of breakdowns.
Just like your car, spa’s should have an annual service too!

RotoSpa cover all types of servicing work from a decommission to a monthly all inclusive extended warranty plan for all RotoSpa owners.

Reduce your chemical consumption

Hidden away in the depths of the inner pipework, body fats and oils will build-up and create what’s called BioFilm. Biofilm acts as a food source for bacteria, increasing your chemical consumption and therefore running costs. Our experts use top of the range products to strip the biofilm build up from the inside of the pipes leaving them clean and clear.

Prevent Costly Repairs and Breakdowns

As part of our suggested RotoSpa Care Service, our engineer will inspect the rubber seals for signs of wear and tear and replace any that are looking less than perfect. The speed of degradation on the rubber seals depends heavily on your water quality inc, chemicals, water hardness and time. When seals fail, they can cause leaks resulting in costly repairs.

RotoSpa Health check up

During the RotoSpa Care service, you will benefit from a full component health check. Our engineer will inspect the pump, heater, Ozone for signs of wear and tear, scale build up or other potential issues and report on the best ways to prevent further issues. On top of this, during the RotoSpa Care Service, all pipework joints are also checked and inspected, ensuring they are intact and as strong as the day they were manufactured.

Protection from UV Rays

Did you know 80-85% of the costs of heating your spa comes from heating it? Whilst your spa covers arrive with a layer of UV protection, this will wear off over time when exposed to the elements and hot tub water and will reduce the longevity of your cover if not replenished. As part of the service, we will clean your cover and add a new layer of UV protection, keeping it in good condition and reduce the wear and tear of the protective membrane inside the cover.

You Valet your car, why not Valet your spa

During a RotoSpa service, our qualified engineer will clean your spa with our top-quality products, bringing the gleam back to your spa. Yes, it’s easy enough to get a hose on your spa, but why do the messy jobs when one of our guys can do it for you! Especially as it’s getting colder, sit inside with a nice warm cuppa and let our team clean up your spa.

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