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Genuine RotoSpa Jet Body to accept 3″ Push Fit Jet Face between years 2013 – 2019

Availability: 48 in stock

3″ Proloc Jet Body- Suitable for older model RotoSpa’s and compatible with both Spinner and Directional Jet faces.
Does not include Jet Face

If you are unsure if this is compatible with your RotoSpa please give us a call.

£16.96 £7.63includes VAT

Availability: 48 in stock

RotoSpa 4″ rotational jet face- new style

Genuine RotoSpa 4″ rotational Jet face replacement. New style black and chrome jet face. This…

£42.36includes VAT

Genuine RotoSpa Jet Body to accept 4″ Push Fit Jet Face between years 2013 – 2019

4″ Proloc jet body suitable for 4″ Proloc jet faces. Compatible with spinner and…

£23.65 £10.51includes VAT

RotoSpa Genuine Ultra Blaster Massage Multi Jet High Performance Internal Face Stainless Steel For QuatroSpa and Serenity

7″ Ultra Blast Massage Jet Face suitable for the RotoSpa QuatroSpa. Compatible with…

£169.88 £75.50includes VAT

RotoSpa Genuine 3″ Rotational Push Fit Jet Face from 2019 Onwards

New Style 3″ Jet Face – Spinner Style. Suitable for Newer RotoSpa ‘s. If…

£38.16 £15.26includes VAT

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