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Pump Seal for all LX pumps

Availability: 48 in stock (can be backordered)

Replacement JA/WP Mechanical seal

The mechanical seal retains water up to the wet end preventing it from entering other parts of the pump. The whole unit, aside from the wet end, must be free from water to prevent costly pump replacement. It is important to replace the seal right away once it loses its ability to be water-tight against the pump’s housing.

RotoSpa recommends also replacing the impellor at the same time.

£18.00 £9.00includes VAT

Availability: 48 in stock (can be backordered)

Genuine RotoSpa Replacement Ozone Generator Incl Non return and Fixings

Genuine RotoSpa Ozone Unit. Ozone sanitisation is a must when it comes to crystal…

£160.56 £102.00includes VAT

Genuine RotoSpa Rear Fan for LX Pumps

Replacement Pump Fan for the LX/WP Pumps Compatible with 1.5hp and 2.5hp LX pumps…

£7.20 £4.80includes VAT

LED handle lighting upgrade for DuraSpa S160 and S380

Why not add that extra bit of luxury to your spa with LED…

£149.62includes VAT

RotoSpa Genuine TouchPad Overlay

Genuine Touchpad
RotoSpa Genuine TouchPad Overlay The overlay fits perfectly on top of your touchpad. Designed…

£30.00 £4.80includes VAT

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