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Unwind in your own hot tub hideaway with the RotoSpa DuraSpa S380 6-person hot tub

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Seating:5-6 Persons
Water capacity:1050 Litres
Dimensions:1990 x 1990 x 770 mm deep

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Estimated Delivery Times: 7-10 Days

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Product Description

Life moves fast these days. Between work, family, and social obligations, our calendars are jam-packed from morning till night. Finding time to simply relax and recharge seems nearly impossible.

But taking care of your mental health is just as important as your physical health. By creating a backyard escape with the DuraSpa S380 luxury hot tub, you can rediscover the lost art of relaxation right at home.

With room for up to 6 adults, powerful massage jets, upgraded filtration, and durable energy efficient construction, the Unique S380 square hot tub delivers the ultimate spa experience. Keep reading to see what makes our flagship model a cut above.

Save Up to 35% on Energy Costs with Superior Insulation

One major concern with hot tubs is the cost of maintaining constant water temperature. The energy required for continual heating results in massive electricity bills that keep piling up.

But the ingenious engineers at RotoSpa have developed advanced insulation technology that slashes energy use by up to 35% compared to typical hot tubs.

The DuraSpa S380 features 3-4 times thicker insulation than most acrylic or fiberglass tubs. This traps heat more effectively so less energy is wasted.

An innovative integrated pump and heater work on demand, further reducing power consumption to only what’s needed for your set temperature.

Relax in the soothing warm water knowing your utility bills will thank you. Our energy efficient insulation helps the planet while saving you hard-earned cash.

Lightweight Design Allows Easy Relocation

Another common hot tub headache is moving it. Once plopped in place, a full size spa normally stays put. But reconfiguring your garden or relocating to a new home often means you’re stuck with an unused hot tub.

However, the square shape and molded plastic construction of the DuraSpa S380 provide unmatched maneuverability. Weighing only 172kgs empty, it can be moved by just two-three people without damage – no lorry or cranes required!

The hot tub can be easily repositioned to maximize your patio space. Or conveniently moved to a covered area or indoors for extra protection in the cooler months.

With the DuraSpa S380, you gain the flexibility to rearrange your personal oasis however you choose.

Constructed from 100% Recyclable Materials

We feel strongly thatrelaxing in a hot tub shouldn’t harm our environment. That’s why the S380 is made completely from recyclable materials to reduce landfill waste.

The polyethylene DuraSpa forming the hot tub shell and structure can be recycled repeatedly. And the entire tub can be renewed into useful products at the end of its long service life.

At RotoSpa, we aim to engineer the most eco-friendly hot tubs possible. Because caring for the planet and caring for yourself go hand-in-hand.

Minimal Maintenance Lets You Focus on Relaxation

To fully enjoy your hot tub, keeping it clean and inviting is a must. But complicated maintenance routines can take up valuable relaxation time.

The DuraSpa S380 simplifies hot tub care, so you spend less time cleaning and more time de-stressing.

The RotoSpa shell stays fresh and tidy with just simple wipe-downs using household cleaners and water. The tight insulating cover prevents debris from entering the water when not in use.

Accessible equipment compartments allow fast inspection, adjustments, and water testing weekly. Or contact us about our extended maintenance plans for professional cleaning services.

Spend your valuable time relaxing in your hot tub, not maintaining it.

Enjoy Pristine Water with Advanced Filtration

Safe, clean water is essential for an enjoyable and therapeutic hot tub session. The DuraSpa S380 ensures the highest water quality through innovative technology. To achieve this exceptional water quality, we employ a pressurised filtration system unparalleled in the industry.

The filtration system combines Ozone sanitation for reduced chemical usage. This eliminates over 99% of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

The result is refreshing, clear water that soothes aching muscles moisturises skin, and avoids eye and skin irritation. Plus, our eco-friendly water care options minimise chemical usage for a gentler footprint.

Bask in your private spa knowing the water nourishing your body is pristine.

Handcrafted in Britain Using Decades of Expertise

RotoSpa founder Matt Zacaroli saw an opportunity to engineer hot tubs suited for British homes back over 20 years ago.

Two decades later, the RotoSpa company still proudly engineers and manufactures all our hot tubs right here in the UK. This gives us complete quality control over the manufacturing process.

By focusing on efficiency, affordability, and reliability, we make hot tub relaxation accessible to more households. And provide backup you can rely on with responsive UK-based customer service.

With RotoSpa, you enjoy a true British premium product built to handle our climate while saving you money.

Our Exclusive Shell Warranty Has You Covered

Your hot tub is a major investment expected to deliver years of service. That’s why RotoSpa offers an industry-leading lifetime warranty on our hot tub shells.

The manufacturing process produces a flawless, shell immune to cracks, blisters and corrosion. Enhanced with UV resistance, the hot tub remains vibrant and unfaded even under prolonged sun exposure. High-density polyethylene ensures an impeccably durable hot tub surface that maintains its glossy, smooth finish, standing the test of time and elements.

Upgrade to a hot tub engineered to stand the test of time in Britain’s variable climate.

Installation and Delivery Are Also Included

Focus your efforts on picking the ideal spot for your new hot tub – we’ll handle the rest! RotoSpa DuraSpa S380 hot tubs include:

  • Free Delivery (Terms and Conditions apply): We’ll deliver your new hot tub to your home when it suits you best.
  • Complete Set-Up: Our expert team will unpack, position, and connect your hot tub so it’s ready to fill. Please ensure you have the necessary electrics nearby for a seamless installation.
  • Onsite Training: An experienced staff member will demonstrate the features and operation of your hot tub before departing.

Let the professionals deal with the logistics while you start enjoying your backyard spa!

Embrace Relaxation on Your Terms with RotoSpa

Bring home the wellness and community benefits of a personal hot tub with the quality and innovation exclusive to RotoSpa. Perfect for busy households seeking a convenient escape that’s gentle on the environment and your energy bills.

Contact our team today to learn more about the DuraSpa S380 and tailoring an affordable hot tub package for your needs. Then look forward to unwinding in the tranquility of your own private British-made hot tub. You deserve it!

Raving Customer Reviews

Hereford Duraspa S380Richard McCance-Davis
Read More
“Well all We can say is our Duraspa S 380… is the best money… We have ever spent. The combination of different seating and jet positions ensures a completely different experience where ever you choose to sit. We have the Wi-Fi attachment fitted which give complete control remotely from anywhere. As out spa is at our second home it allows us to raise and lower temperatures to suit us before we arrive. I was very sceptical about maintaining good water condition as we sometimes have to leave for upto 3 maybe sometimes 4 weeks. I was worried about nothing!!! Rotaspa listened and understood our position and guided us through a simple maintenance schedule that keeps our spa perfect however long we have left it.. These guys really are the best, no question!! The spa is the best no question!! And it’s all British Seriously if you are considering a hot tub? You 100% will not be disappointed with a Rotaspa Great product, great people. Thoroughly recommend.”
Well Worth The UpgradeDave & Lucy Procter
Read More
“For the last three years we have enjoyed an inflatable hot tub but decided in May to take the plunge and upgrade to the Duraspa S380 from RotoSpa we could use year-round. We are pleased to have supported a UK business and manufacturing of a product during such challenging economic conditions. The delivery and installation by Naz and Steve was perfect, just the right mix of being friendly and efficient. Josie also did a good job of keeping us updated with the progress of our order.”
DuraSpa S380Paul Timmings
Read More
“Good morning Jason - I rather thought you'd like to hear my partner Sue's words after her first session in our Duraspa S380: 'The most relaxing experience I've ever known!' She's now a total addict; the day can't go by without she stretches out blissfully in the bubbles - at least once… After a lifetime of equestrian action (and all the injuries that entails...) she's at last found a way to really ease all those aches and pains - and she sends her grateful appreciation to you. Me? I just love it… (This spa's even better than the '160' I owned a few years ago - and that one's still being very much enjoyed by my daughter's family)”
Fantastic Hot Tub & Amazing Service!!Chloe Snape
Read More
“We are really impressed with our new DuraSpa S380 and we were amazed by the efforts the team went to to get it into what was quite an awkward position. The service was truly first class. The jets are wonderful, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Would wholeheartedly recommend RotoSpa.”
We Thoroughly Recommend RotoSpa!!N Rawson
Read More
“Would thoroughly recommend RotoSpa. We bought the Duraspa S380, it arrived when it was supposed to arrive, the installation was straightforward and the guys who installed were professional, helpful and very knowledgeable. Was contacted at all stages in the process to check all was OK. Best of all its manufactured in the UK and its really well made. We are loving using it and it has exceeded our already high expectations!!”

DuraSpa S380 Product Specs

Size:1990  x 1990 x 770 mm deep
Weight:172 kg empty, 1222 kg filled with H2O
Capacity:1050 litres of soothing water
Jets:38 x luxury hydro jet package including, 18 x multipoint soft tissue massage turbo air injector jets, 3” directional upper back/shoulder massage jet, 2 x 3” rotating mid back jets, 2 x 2” direct sole soothing foot jets, 1 x 4” rotating fullback jet, 1 x directional full back massage jet, 4 x 2” cluster direct neck and shoulder massage jets, 2 x 4” directional mid back massage jets, 1 x 4” lower back rotating massage jet, 2 x 3” rotating sole soothing foot massage jets, 2 x 2” direct hip massage jets 1 x ozone jet
Seating:5-6 Persons
Electrical Supply:240V 13 amp ‘plug & play’ or alternative 240V 16 amp hard wired
Heating:2kW Titanium corrosion resistant heating element
Pump:Efficient 2.5HP 2 Speed pump
Controls:Intelligent, PowerSmart Spa control system
Headrests:Three relaxed headrests
Lights:12 mood-setting LED colours
Insulation:Our revolutionary Ultra-High Blow polyethylene foam spa insulation throughout entire cabinet, spa base and rear of spa shell
Water Care:Sanitising ozone technology
Cover:Lockable cover keeps things cosy
Air Control:‘Silent’ air control system (adjusts air stream in hydro jets, increasing massage intensity)

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