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Elevate Your Outdoor Space with DuoSpa S080: The Ultimate 2 Person Hot Tub UK Edition

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Seating:2-3 Persons
Water capacity:550 Litres
Dimensions:1820 x 1210 x 700 mm deep

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Product Description

After a long day, there’s nothing better than sinking into a warm, bubbling hot tub. But cheap imports and inflatable tubs come with downsides like high energy bills, bothersome maintenance, and questionable hygiene. The DuoSpa S080 eliminates these pain points with innovative features you won’t find anywhere else.

Tired of Sky-High Energy Bills? DuoSpa S080 to the Rescue!

As the only hot tub manufacturer in the UK, RotoSpa engineers their tubs for maximum energy efficiency. The DuoSpa S080 uses up to 35% less power than comparable models, saving you big bucks on your electricity bill.

It’s insulated with RotoSpa’s patented ROTO-THERM material that locks in heat and keeps water piping hot for hours. You’ll be able to enjoy hour-long soaking sessions without cranking up the temperature.

Stop Battling Bacteria! DuoSpa Keeps Water Pristine

Tired of dumping chemicals into dirty water or constantly patching punctures? RotoSpa’s integrated ozone sanitation system kills bacteria and other nasty microorganisms, creating a clean, hygienic soak every time.

No more itchy rashes or skin irritation caused by poor water quality. And unlike flimsy inflatable tubs prone to leaks, the S080’s durable polyethylene shell is puncture-proof.

Portability Perfected! DuoSpa S080 Sets Up in a Snap

Installation is a cinch with the S080’s lightweight portable design. Just two people can roll it into place, no crane rental required.

At only 90 kg empty, it fits into compact spaces like balconies, patios, and small backyards. And when it’s time to move, the S080 rolls to your new home or goes into winter storage with ease. No more struggling with heavy awkward tubs.

Sleek Style Meets Ergonomic Comfort

With its flowing lines and smooth finish, the stylish S080 complements any outdoor space. Its two full-depth reclining seats offer ergonomic comfort, while eight precision-placed hydrojets target aches and pains in your neck, back, shoulders, legs and feet.

Melt away tension and throbbing joints as the S080’s therapeutic massage jets work their magic.

Turn Up The Bubbly With Turbo Air Injection!

Turn up the heat with invigorating turbo air injection for an energizing hydrotherapy experience that beats a trip to the spa.

Let the S080’s world-class massage system sweep stress away. At the end of the day, you’ll step out refreshed, relaxed, and pain-free—all without blowing your budget.

Easy Breezy Maintenance Leaves You Time To Soak

Worried about maintenance taking up your valuable time? Not with a RotoSpa! Easy-access filtration and components simplify upkeep to just minutes per week.

Plus, RotoSpa’s expert technicians provide complimentary training and ongoing support to keep your hot tub running flawlessly for years.

Built To Last – Lifetime Warranty Has You Covered

While flimsy inflatable tubs last only a season or two, RotoSpa builds their tubs to endure.

Their innovative rotary moulded construction forms each tub as one seamless piece, avoiding the leaks and rot common in pieced-together acrylic shells. RotoSpa offers a lifetime warranty on the S080’s shell for your peace of mind.

Eco-Friendly & Guilt-Free Relaxation

When the time finally comes, the S080 is 100% recyclable, keeping tons of plastic out of landfills. RotoSpa is committed to sustainability from start to finish.

Relax Those Aches Away in Affordable, British-Made Luxury

Luxuriate in your own private home spa with the DuoSpa S080 from RotoSpa Birmingham. Relax sore muscles, save energy, and enjoy pristine hygienic water for under £3,900. Bring the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy home. Your aching body and wallet will thank you!

Raving Customer Reviews:

The Team are as Awesome as the QualityHeith George
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“The team are as awesome as the quality of the Tub - always on hand to help and provide great service by British and buy the BEST !”
Excellent Company To Deal WithMrs Oxenbold
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“Excellent company to deal with. We are very happy with our spa and would recommend this company to everyone. We had a small problem and the customer service was excellent. Totally satisfied.”
Great ProductJohn & Lesley
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“Recently bought our first tub. The service has been great and we would recommend anyone thinking of getting one, or up dating, to have a look at Rotospa.”

DuoSpa S080 Product Specs

Size:1820 x 1210 x 700 mm deep (small 2 person hot tubs)
Weight:90 kg empty, 600 kg filled with H2O
Capacity:550 litres of soothing water
Jets:8 x luxury hydro jet package including, 2 x 3″ Rotating upper back and shoulder massage jets, 2 x 3″ directional upper back and shoulder massage jets, 1 x 3’ rotating mid-back massage jet, 2 x 3” lower back rotating lower back massage jets, 1 x 3” sole soothing directional foot jet, 1 x ozone jet
Seating:2-3 Persons of relaxed seating (2 adults and a child)
Electrical Supply:240V 13 amp ‘plug & play’ or alternative 240V 16 amp hard wired
Heating:2kW Titanium corrosion resistant heating element
Pump:Efficient 1.5HP 2 Speed pump
Controls:Digital touchpad, lockable
Lights:12 mood-setting LED colours
Insulation:Our revolutionary ultra high blow polyethylene foam spa insulation throughout entire cabinet, spa base and rear of spa shell
Water Care:Sanitising ozone technology
Cover:Lockable cover keeps things cosy
Air Control: ‘Silent’ air control system (adjusts air stream in hydro jets, increasing massage intensity)

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