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HSG282 compliant hot tubs: Key benefits explained

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Hot tubs are popular in UK holiday accommodations, offering relaxation and enjoyment for guests. However, proper installation and maintenance are crucial for safety. In the UK, the Health and Safety Guidance 282 (HSG282) provides guidelines for holiday home hot tubs to ensure guest well-being.

In this article, we will explore what HSG282 compliant hot tubs entail, key design features for compliance, water maintenance procedures, usage tips, and other things to meet requirements.


  • HSG282 is a UK guideline ensuring safe and compliant commercial hot tub usage.
  • Proper design, installation, and maintenance prevent the risk of legionella and related illnesses.
  • HSG282 compliance protects both guests’ health and holiday accommodation owners from legal issues.
  • Guest education and clear safety protocols are vital for an enjoyable and safe hot tub experience.

What is HSG282 and why it matters

HSG282 is a comprehensive guideline introduced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK in 2017. Its primary focus is to guide commercial hot tub owners in assessing and managing the risk of legionella, which is a type of bacteria that can thrive in environments like hot tubs. When infected, it can cause a severe respiratory illness known as legionnaires’ disease

Hot tubs and spa pool systems, if not maintained properly, can harbour these bacteria along with other infectious agents. To mitigate these risks, the HSG282 guidelines provide a structured approach for HSG282 compliant hot tubs.

Outlined in HSG282 are the baseline standards for the proper management, disinfection, and upkeep of hot tubs. These standards apply to all entities overseeing hot tubs for business purposes within the UK. This encompasses a wide range of establishments from hotels, cruise ships, leisure centres, and showroom displays to holiday parks.

For UK holiday park owners, adhering to HSG282 is not just recommended but a legal health and safety obligation. Proper compliance ensures a safe environment for guests, reducing the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria or other potential contaminants in hot tubs. 

It’s important to note that legionnaires’ disease and other related illnesses can have severe health implications, especially for susceptible demographics like the elderly or young children. 

Ensuring alignment with HSG282 not only safeguards the health of the guests but also protects holiday accommodation owners from potential legal repercussions and financial penalties. 

Achieving HSG282 fully compliant hot tub status for your holiday park

When installing a new hot tub, there are a few key steps UK holiday park owners should take to ensure HSG282 compliance.

One of these is to check that any hot tub model under consideration, especially if it’s an HSG282 fully compliant hot tub, meets the necessary design and safety criteria set out under HSG282. There are specifics around covers, drainage, emergency switches, and ventilation that must be in place.

Another one is to verify the qualifications and certifications of the hot tub installer. Are they trained and certified in HSG282 guidelines? Do they have experience installing hot tubs under these standards? 

Ongoing maintenance and record-keeping procedures should also be implemented after installation. Maintained logs of water testing results and chemical use, as well as records of all maintenance procedures carried out. 

You also need to document equipment specifications, instruction manuals, usage policies, and risk assessments to allow you to create the necessary paper trail needed to prove adherence.

Key design features of HSG282 compliant hot tubs

There are particular hot tub design features that HSG282 requires to minimise risks to guests. For example, lockable covers are mandatory to prevent unauthorised access, particularly for the safety of unsupervised children. 

Proper ventilation and drainage systems are also stipulated under HSG282 to prevent contamination of the hot tub water. Emergency shut-off switches must be readily accessible to users in case of entrapment or other emergencies requiring rapid hot tub shutdown. 

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photo source: Hedgerow Luxury Glamping

In addition, temperature controls and monitors are required to help prevent scalding from water that is too hot. HSG282 also covers specifications around lighting and electrical components, which must meet UK safety standards. 

Compliant installers should ensure all such features align with HSG282 guidelines during the hot tub’s initial setup and testing. Ongoing checks are likewise required over time to verify that these key safety features continue functioning properly throughout the hot tub’s operational life.

Staying aligned with HSG282 standards

Whenever unpacking the main health and safety recommendations from the HSG282 guidelines, here’s what you need to consider:

Water purity

It’s crucial that the water in your spa remains uncontaminated and devoid of dangerous microbes. To achieve this, you’ll need to set up consistent water checks and act immediately upon spotting any anomalies. Incorporating a systematic approach to sanitising and washing your hot tub, perhaps through a filtration mechanism, is also essential.


Ensuring your hot tub remains germ-free is a primary aspect of its upkeep. Adopt a thorough sanitisation routine, employing the right agents like chlorine or bromine. The HSG282 standards outline the requisite disinfectant concentrations, as well as the frequency of spa sanitisation.

Optimal heat

To inhibit the multiplication of legionella bacteria, it’s important to maintain your hot tub water within a certain heat range. The guidelines advise a temperature spectrum of 36°C to 40°C. Periodic monitoring and logging of the water temperature is also advised.

Routine upkeep

A structured maintenance routine is pivotal in keeping your spa in top shape. This encompasses cleansing the filters, verifying water integrity, and ensuring all machinery is functional. Additionally, maintain a detailed log of all performed maintenance tasks.

Risk evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation to gauge the risk of legionella proliferation and other related threats in your spa is mandatory. Factors to consider include the spa’s structural and functional attributes, the efficacy of the water treatment strategy, and the facility’s overall management. After instituting any preventive measures, it’s crucial to periodically reassess them to confirm they remain effective in minimising infection risks.

Ongoing usage and safety tips

HSG282 encompasses not only design and maintenance but also mandates specific guest usage protocols for hot tubs in holiday parks, lets, or glamping. Critically, adults must supervise children at all times in compliance with HSG282 to prevent accidents and drownings. 

Additionally, clear safety signs delineating maximum bather numbers, diving prohibitions, and access rules must be visible to guests, ensuring adherence and awareness. Staff must promptly report any hot tub malfunctions, damages, or potential hazards to facilitate immediate rectification. 

With all these in mind, educating guests on these policies and associated risks is essential to guarantee their safe and enjoyable use of holiday park hot tubs.

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