Health Benefits

Invest and improve your health, fitness and well being and introduce a touch of luxury and recreation to your lifestyle.

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Slip into a steamy, bubbling hot tub for your daily dose of calm and speed the repair process after a strenuous workout. You'll find this routine will relieve stress, help you sleep better and promote family togetherness.


Medical practitioners and institutes of sport have praised the benefits of heated water massage therapy for years. The Arthritis Foundation is one such credible source and has found that the "warmth, massage effect, and buoyancy, needed to both relax and exercise joints and muscles in the convenience of one's home is available in home whirlpool baths or spas".

A spa delivers the right combination of heat and massage that improves circulation, assists in relaxation and promotes well being. The Arthritis Foundation further states that, "Soaking in water allows muscles to become relaxed, which lets you perform a range of motion exercises and to carry out daily tasks with less pain and strain." The massage effect of the therapy jets are designed to relieve muscle tensions in six areas of the body: neck, shoulder, midback, lower back, thighs, and feet.

Hydrotherapy also has a variety of benefits for those of us who have muscle sprains and injuries, arthritis and can ease certain symptoms of diabetes.* It provides relaxation, detoxification and improved circulation.


Many people have decided that rather than spend thousands of pounds on a once in a life time holiday they would invest that money and "holiday at home" all year round. Especially with the down turn in international travel, a spa can add value to your family's lifestyle for years and years to come. Evidence suggests that people are working longer hours and stress levels are at their highest. A spa or hot tub provides a perfect and affordable retreat from the daily stresses that can renew and revive.

A hot tub is fun for all ages. Everyone from children to grandparents can enjoy the bubbles and fun. It creates the ideal setting to bring the family together for time to relax and enjoy conversation together. The hot tub can also become a centre attraction for a party any time of year.

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* Source: The New England Journal of Medicine September 16, 1999;341:924-925. RotoSpa Ltd, makers of spas, shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.