Compliancy is key…and that’s why were here for you.

You may have seen the recent advice issued by BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub and Association), that certain wood-fired tubs aren’t fit for holiday parks and rentals, unless the water is going to be drained every 3 to 5 hours. So, what makes a RotoSpa fully compliant you ask?

RotoSpas are able to circulate and filtrate the water, whilst going through 8 cleaning cycles a day. With in-line tablet feeders built into the spas, RotoSpas are also able to offer a continuous form of sanitation.
With a high-quality pump, the water is turned over every 8 minutes, whilst the plumbing configuration within our spas ensures that there are no dead-ends that could lead to potential bacteria growth.

For more information on HSG282 and how RotoSpa can help you become compliant, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0121 353 3428 or email us on