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Awarded 3 years running for WhatSpa? Bestbuy holiday park and retail spa models

The RotoSpa team are proud to announce we have been awarded for the 3rd year in a row the WhatSpa? Bestbuy award for our Holiday park models ‘Serenity and Escape‘ Spas and for our retail model the ‘QuatroSpa‘.


The well respected WhatSpa? magazine is the UK’s leading consumer hot tub buyer’s guide and has advised and informed hundreds of thousands of hot tub buyers across the UK for over 10 years.

The Best Buy Awards features the very best hot tubs to buy. The Awards acknowledge the hot tub models that excel across a range of criteria, including design, aesthetics, comfort, hydrotherapy and value-for-money.


Our Serenity Spa has won the Best Buy Award 2021. With it’s 2000mm diameter and 740mm deep specs, the Serenity Spa is perfect for getting the family together whilst on holiday. It’s smooth, full-depth seating and generous footwell ensures the most natural resting position, whilst also providing maximum relaxation. It’s bench seating with specially considered hydrotherapy system allows the user to choose which spot they’d prefer. RotoSpa were one of the first manufacturers to introduce a fully HSG282 compliant spa to the market. Our built-in features make the spa fully HSG282 compliant, with its in-line tablet feeder, ozone unit for another form of sanitisation and its rapid drain system to name a few.


The Escape Spa is our most luxurious and prestige spa. Modern, soft flowing lines with rounded corners and curved sides provide a shape carefully contoured to provide full depth seating including relaxed lounge positions and a dedicated master seat, giving you the most out of your spa; the entry step also doubles as a small child seat perfect for your family guests. Features also include supporting armrests, padded headrests and LED lit safety handrails. And like all of our Serenity model, you have the option to add remote WiFi connectivity with SmartLINK and our energy saving EcoSpa Heat Pump.

The SmartLINK module connects to any RotoSpa model and then uses your WiFi network to facilitate communication between the app server and the spas. The SmartLINK WiFi module and SpaLINK app allow you to connect to and take control of your spas remotely from any location at any time.  The SpaLINK app
becomes a mobile, wireless remote for your spas enabling you complete control of all settings and accessories
including power, pumps, blowers and LED lights.

Our intelligent feature give you the ability to seek remote technical assistance, resolving issues quickly to ensure your guests are having a perfect stay at your accommodation.

As the only UK manufacture of spas we know that 83% of UK consumers would prefer to buy British. We are proud of our heritage and the RotoSpa brand has become synonymous with reliability, durability and portability within the UK wet leisure industry.

Karl Rowntree, ‘Technical Director at RotoSpa’ and ‘Board Director of BISHTA’ explains that, “we have worked hard over the years to ensure that our spas are of an excellent standard. Being the UK’s only manufacturer of spas, we are excited to present three spas that we are highly passionate and proud of. The fact that we have won awards further exaggerates to ourselves and our customers that we truly have great spas to offer”.

With over 300 UK Holiday Parks using RotoSpas and being honoured to be a member of the ‘British Holiday and Holiday Park Association‘ for 2 years running,  we look forward to supporting our UK holiday businesses for year to come and further educating the industry and providing them with award-winning spas.

The Saddle House

In year 3, the first year that we were able to advertise the addition of the RotoSpa, our bookings increased by almost 50% and year 4 by 80%.

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