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8 factors to consider when choosing the right 6-person hot tub for your home

6 Person Hot Tub

Purchasing a 6-person hot tub requires evaluating key factors to find the ideal model for your needs. This guide provides specific advice to determine the right capacity, jet types, features, costs, dimensions, accessories, and service for your hot tub. 

We’ll highlight how to evaluate capacity, jet types, operating costs, installation, dimensions, accessories, and local service when purchasing your garden oasis. Follow these tips to find the perfect 6-person hot tub focused on the factors that matter most.


  • A 6-person hot tub is an ideal size for relaxation and entertaining a few close friends or family members.
  • Consider jet types and placement to target key areas like the back, shoulders, and feet.
  • Choose convenient features like efficient insulation, water care systems, and accessories. 
  • Factor in operating costs like energy use and maintenance expenses.
  • Account for delivery and installation fees when budgeting.
  • Pay attention to dimensions to ensure the 6-person hot tub fits your space.
  • Research reliable local service and support.

Factor 1. Consider capacity

For many homeowners, a 6-person hot tub represents the perfect balance, offering ample space for entertaining small groups while maximising relaxation and comfort. Reputable manufacturers such as RotoSpa present various quality options, including the award-winning DuraSpa S160, Quatro Hot Tub, and DuraSpa S380 models. 

Accommodating up to six adults, these hot tubs facilitate intimate backyard gatherings without feeling overcrowded. Moreover, when utilised solo or with just one other person, they afford generous space to stretch out fully and immerse oneself for total muscle relief.

Factor 2. Evaluate jet types and placement

When evaluating hot tubs, pay close attention to the number, type, and positioning of jets. Jets deliver targeted streams of hot water for massaging various areas of the body. 

Look for models with adjustable jets that allow users to direct the water flow to where they need it most. Strategically placed jets should focus on key areas like the back, shoulders, and legs for targeted therapy. Select RotoSpa models feature specialized foot jets to soothe tired soles at the end of the day. 

Consider also additional hydrotherapy jet options with our QuatroSpa’s exclusive ultra 15-point massage jet system that targets 15 specific areas of the body for an invigorating hydrotherapy experience unlike any other.

Factor 3. Consider the convenient features of a 6-person hot tub

Today’s top hot tubs incorporate advanced features that augment enjoyment while streamlining maintenance. A sophisticated insulation system aids in heat retention and fosters energy efficiency. An ozone water purification system reduces the amount of sanitiser required, facilitating more accessible water care. 

Additional desirable features encompass LED mood lighting and wireless connectivity, allowing control of tub functions directly from your mobile device.

Factor 4. Evaluate operating costs

When researching your hot tub purchase, it is vital to consider the operating costs. The most energy-efficient models boast eco-friendly standby modes that conserve energy when the tub is unused. Engage potential dealers in conversations regarding the estimated electrical expenses, taking into account the average daily filtration times suitable for your climate. 

Additionally, inquire about their recommended range of hot tub chemicals and the advised maintenance routine. It is worth noting that some brands facilitate simplified maintenance through monthly water care subscriptions.

Factor 5. Account for installation expenses

Installation is a pivotal cost factor to consider when budgeting for your new 6-person hot tub. It’s common for many hot tub companies to exclude delivery and installation fees from the base price.

However, RotoSpa eases this process by offering hassle-free delivery and full installation anywhere in the UK mainland, a service included in the initial cost. Our team of experts will proficiently set up your new hot tub, ensuring it is ready to use without any hidden charges, guaranteeing a smooth start to your relaxation journey.

Factor 6. Pay attention to dimensions

When shopping for a 6-person hot tub, it is crucial to meticulously check the dimensions to ensure it fits into the available space in your garden. Measure the length, width, and height of your intended hot tub location. 

Consider elements such as steps, railings, and accessories, which will influence the overall footprint. A reputable hot tub dealer will be able to assist you in selecting the ideal compact 6-person model tailored to your space.

Factor 7. Consider accessories

Modern 6-person hot tubs provide abundant space to tailor your garden sanctuary to your preferences. You can enhance accessibility by incorporating steps that feature adjustable treads or facilitate wheelchair access. 

To foster a magical atmosphere, consider adding LED lighting strategically placed both around the perimeter and underwater. 

Lastly, installing a cover lifting mechanism will simplify access to your relaxation haven, completing your perfect setup.

Factor 8. Research local service

The final yet equally important factor to consider when choosing a hot tub is securing reliable local service and support. Issues such as pump failures or leaks require immediate attention from skilled technicians to prevent expensive damage or downtime. When purchasing a RotoSpa hot tub in particular, take advantage of their RotoSpa Care service and support. 

This annual maintenance service helps keep your RotoSpa in optimal condition by providing technicians to handle repairs, perform maintenance, and extend the life of your hot tub. 

RotoSpa Care offers maintenance plans, swift response times and excellent customer service. At RotoSpa, we’ve still got customers enjoying their hot tubs 20 years later thanks to the reliable quality. It’s unlikely you’ll have issues, but if so, RotoSpa Care has you covered. 

Having this trusted service and support system in place allows you to enjoy your RotoSpa without hassle for years to come.


With the right 6-person hot tub, your garden will become a personal home spa awaiting your return at the end of each day. Carefully weigh up size, features, operating costs, and installation requirements as you evaluate options. Choosing a quality hot tub from an established brand like RotoSpa will provide years of warm, relaxing enjoyment as you unwind solo or host small garden gatherings. Let the bubbling waters transport you to your private oasis right at home.

Looking for the perfect 6-person hot tub? Contact us today to help find the ideal model to transform your backyard into a private spa oasis designed for your lifestyle.

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