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77 Everyday Activities for You and your 3 Year Old

Normally I am a full time working mom but as many others have, we’ve changed our daily working lives to care for our child. I must admit I am loving be able to spend some quality time with my beautiful daughter of nearly 3, but I also must admit I was a bit lost for ideas on how it would work so that we both have fun.

After trawling through normal routes I then finally came across a simple list!!! of wonderful ideas which need very little equipment, just your imagination. No Time For Flashcard has produced a fantastic list of 75 activities to get us on our way. I must admit I am proud to have added 2 of my own already and took us up to 77 : )

I hope these help you enjoy your time with your toddler and you make some wonderful memories of fun times spent together..

Top tip! Pop 10 activities in a hat and pull out a few a day!

1. Playdough with dry spaghetti.
2. Fill a table with books and read, read, read.
3. Doodle with markers on cardboard from your recycle bin.
4. Play doctor with dolls.
5. Take a walk and hunt for colors.
6. Play with puzzles.
7. Look at family photos together.
8. Create with peel and stick jewels.
9. Read through magazines together.
10. Build a fort.
11. Play eye spy with favorite book .
12. Eat lunch outside.
13. Play in a box.
14. Paint with watercolors.
15. Play with stickers.
16. Play sports in the garden.
17. Play-Doh and sequins.
18. Do jigsaws .
19. Play Simon Says.
20. Make a balance beam out of painter’s tape and walk it!
21. Fill a bucket with soapy water and give them cups and pots to play with.
22. Dig up some soil, add water and let them splash around
23. Water some plants
24. Make a play kitchen inside (use bath or shower) or outside mud kitchen
25. Play with Play-Doh and Duplo together
26. Dance/ dance/ dance
27. Play with a DIY light table
28. Play with cold cooked spaghetti.
29. Cook together.
30. Play with water, rice, beans, gravel etc… in your water table .
31. Play with the hose.
32. Dress up some dolls.
33. Take silly pictures together.
34. Play hide and seek.
35. Cuddle.
36. Dress up in each other clothes.
37. Paint on your windows with kiddy safe paints.
38. Let them paint your toenails .
39. Run Through the sprinkler.
40. Write in a journal with markers, stamps, and crayons.
41. Go for a walk.
42. Learn about emotions with Mr. Potato Head.
43. Go puddle jumping in the rain.
44. Read with a sibling.
45. Call Grandma (or Aunty, Uncle… you get the picture.)
46. Help clean.
47. Play dentist with dolls.
48. Finger paint.
49. Draw with chalk on black painted paper.
50. Play Eye Spy Colours
51. Play dress up.
52. Draw chalk pictures on your patio
53. Duplo
54. Play School
55. Play big bad Wolf
56. Bubbles.
57. Scrap paper collages.
58. Hunt for objects in a bowl of uncooked oats or rice.
59. Count numbers on people front doors.
60. Build a tower out of recycling.
61. Wash the car.
62. Backgarden or house nature hunt.
63. Tape painters tape sticky side out on a window or wall and have your child stick what they find on it.
64. Take some pictures.
65. Have a tea party.
66. Practice cutting.
67. Make a ramp with cardboard and drive matchbox cars down it.
68. Read books outside
69. Play-Doh with pipe cleaners.
70. Wash play cars, scooters, and bikes.
71. Play football
72. Play with Play-doh and egg molds .
73. Play airplane or train with your kitchen chairs.
74. Wash windows with water and vinegar.
75. Play tag
76. Collect all the toy bears, hide them and go on a bear hunt.
77. Play alone. Yes, it’s more than OK, it’s awesome to let kids play alone. We don’t need to entertain them 24/7 !

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