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7 hot tub meditation tips for mindful relaxation

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The benefits of hot tub meditation are plenty. From deep relaxation to improved mindfulness, a hot tub can be an amazing place to centre oneself. In this article, we will explore 7 tips to maximise the meditative potential of your home hot tub for a deeply restorative experience. From preparing your space thoughtfully to ending your soak with gratitude, read on for actionable advice.


  • Prepare the hot tub area with cleaning, decor, towels and journals to create an optimal relaxation zone before meditating.
  • Set a positive intention about what you want to achieve emotionally or creatively from the meditation session.
  • Perform body scans, focused breathing and visualization exercises to foster deep mind-body relaxation.
  • Conclude by expressing gratitude to your body, mind and the hot tub for their support during the soothing, restorative experience.

A brief history of meditation

The practice of meditation dates back thousands of years, arising in ancient Indian traditions before spreading into East Asian philosophical schools and religions. References to meditation can be found in Hindu scriptures as early as 1500 BCE, where it was used by ascetics and Brahmin priests seeking spiritual enlightenment through renunciation of worldly desires. 

Over centuries, various meditation techniques developed including Manch, shamatha, vipassana and koan practice, alongside the emergence of Buddhism, Taoism, Jainism and Sikhism. 

Today, meditation continues growing in popularity worldwide for its proven benefits like reduced stress, improved focus, less anxiety and boosted self-awareness – all contributing to greater mind-body health and wellbeing.

7 soothing hot tub meditation tips you can follow for mind-body rejuvenation

1. Prepare your space

Proper set-up is key to reaping the full benefits when doing a hot tub meditation. Clean your hot tub and the surrounding area beforehand so you can relax rather than fixate on clutter or dirt. 

Have towels, drinking water and a journal close at hand for convenience. Decorate the space with candles, soft music or dim, soothing lighting to evoke tranquillity. Consider string lights around the tub’s exterior or perimeter to create a cosy ambience. 

The flickering glow of candles can have a calming, hypnotic effect as well. Either way, lighting should be dim enough for comfortable soaking without hindering safety. The right decor transforms the hot tub into an oasis of serenity.

2. Set an intention

Before climbing in, pause to think about what you want to gain from this meditative soak. Are you seeking emotional healing, creative breakthroughs or solutions to pressing problems? Or perhaps you just want to relax deeply. 

Consider keeping a special journal just for your hot tub meditation sessions where you can log intentions, insights and reflections after each soak. Write down your specific intention on paper and keep it nearby to help anchor your desired state of mind. 

Phrase the intention in positive language. For example, instead of intending to “stop feeling anxious,” try to “welcome inner peace and calm.” Referring back to your written goal throughout the meditative soak helps strengthen and manifest it.

3. Begin with body scans

As you ease into the enveloping warmth and begin your hot tub meditation session, consciously notice how your body feels. Does the heat penetrate stiff joints and muscles instantly? The hot tub’s hydrotherapy jets can also target tension areas by simply sitting near them. 

Slowly scan different muscle groups from head to toe and limb to torso core, paying close attention to any areas holding tightness or discomfort. Consciously invite tight areas to soften and release toxins as you exhale. 

If you notice yourself tensing other body parts in response to relaxing specific zones, gently invite overall softening by envisioning tension dripping off your frame into the water. Establish full mind-body presence by becoming aware of points connecting to the tub.

4. Practice focused breathing

Once settled into a comfortable seated position, place one hand on your belly and one on your chest. As you inhale slowly through your nose, feel your torso expand under your palms’ gentle pressure. 

Count each inhale to establish a steady rhythm. Exhale fully out the mouth appreciating your body sinking heavier into the water’s sturdy support. Visualise negative emotions and repetitive thoughts flowing out of your mouth and dissolving into the water. 

If your mind wanders between counted breaths, gently return focus to the inhale-exhale sensation without judgement. Focused breathing anchors awareness inward.

5. Float and let go

Surrender completely into relaxation by allowing your body to gently float and weightlessly, moved only by the water’s subtle currents. Avoid consciously repositioning during this phase to reinforce mind-body unity. If distracting thoughts arise, resist judging yourself.

Instead, use the intrusive thoughts as a signal to come back to simply experiencing the soothing physical sensations cocooning your entire being. Relax each muscle fully and feel wholly held by the loving embrace of water. Let go of control while floating freely.

6. Incorporate visualisation

Harness the power of your mind by visualising your written intention manifesting. For emotional healing, envision swirling colourful mists clearing stagnant energy blocks before dissolving them completely. Feel tension and heaviness lift from your body and psyche as vivid colours infuse you with lightness and peace.

For creative breakthroughs, picture brilliant solutions bubbling up from previously dormant depths of your psyche. Capture sudden insights by quickly journaling after soak sessions. Engage all your senses while performing this hot tub meditation to make the visualisation feel tangibly real.

7. End with gratitude

Before exiting the tub after your rejuvenating hot tub meditation, express heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to nourish and reconnect with your body-mind. Thank your physical form for working tirelessly to support your goals and dreams. Do the same for your consciousness for this chance to relax fully while gaining precious insights.

Appreciate the sturdy stability and gentle buoyancy of water alongside your hot tub for holding you in a loving embrace. Rubbing your hands along its smooth walls as you exit formalises appreciation for its supportive role in your meditation. Conclude by patting your journal, a symbolic gesture of gratitude for documented revelations.

In a nutshell…

By preparing thoughtfully, setting clear intentions, engaging in body scans, focused breathing and visualisation while surrendering into profound relaxation, your hot tub can transform into an amazing mindfulness machine delivering deeply restorative benefits with regular use. Why not make it a regular self-care ritual? Your mental clarity, creativity and overall well-being will certainly thank you.

Whether seeking a hydrotherapy vessel for pain relief, meditation or relaxation rituals, our team can guide you in choosing the ideal hot tub tailored to your wellbeing needs and budget. Contact us today to discover your perfect customized solution and install your home’s new oasis for mind-body rejuvenation.

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