Water Colour & Odour

Murky and cloudy water

This can just mean you need a filter change; it can also be because the particles in the water are too small for the filter to catch so using a flocculent will combine these particles together thus ensuring they are caught up in the filter (multifunction sanitiser tablets will have this built in). It could be as a result of there being too much ‘combined chlorine’ in the water, this is when the chlorine/bromine particles have ‘combined’ with bacteria particles. It is recommended a drain down and refill of your spa water. If you have a Scuba digital tester you can test the combined chlorine using the DPD 3 tablets.

It may also be because your ph. is too high which means your sanitiser is not working efficiently. Too much of your chosen sanitiser can again cause this issue. If you find your test strips are reading there is no or very low levels of sanitiser but you know there is plenty in the water it is likely the sanitiser is bleaching out the test strips giving you a negative result. It is worth bringing a fresh sample of your water into us so we can test it for you.

Green water

This indicates an algae build up, before it gets too serious using an algaecide will rid you of this issue or an algae inhibitor will prevent it from happening at all, it is advised to use and algae inhibitor only if you find you are having these problems in the first place. Don’t use chemicals unnecessarily.

If your water begins to smell

If your water begins to smell at any point it is advised to shock it immediately unless you have had the water in the RotoSpa for a prolonged amount of time, at which point it is advised you drain down the spa and refill with fresh. An unpleasant smell can come from water that has been sat without circulation for a long period of time or water that has not been sanitised in a while, it is important to always have your RotoSpa in auto mode so the water can flow and filtrate.

Settlement of sediment

Settlement of sediment at the bottom of your RotoSpa can indicate a high calcium level in your water, mainly found in hard water areas. For this you can use a pre-filter attachment for your hosepipe which will filter the water before it enters your RotoSpa. This will reduce the amount of calcium deposited within the hot tub. Very much like washing machines and kettles your RotoSpa’s components (pump/heater/pipes etc.) can be at risk of calcium build up and can seriously reduce its performance. It is important to enquire about the right chemicals for your water supply.

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