Preparing for your RotoSpa


Our full range of RotoSpas come with a 16 amp male commando plug attached to a 3m length cable.

  • RotoSpa’s Advice – RotoSpa recommends a fully qualified electrician installs a Female Commando socket between 2-3 meters from the spa with a rotary isolator fitted. You should ensure there is RCD protection on either the main board or in the socket.
  • Alternatives – Purchase a conversion lead from us with a built in RCD protection which can be used in a standard outdoor 3 pin waterproof IP rated socket.

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Depending on the model chosen, when full of water a RotoSpa can weigh more than a tonne.

  • RotoSpa’s Advice – A flat level surface is required, ideally a professionally laid patio or decking is suitable. A concrete base is also suitable but not necessary with a RotoSpa due to the range being so light weight.
  • Alternatives – RotoSpa’s can be sunk into decking. When sinking a RotoSpa into decking there are things that need to be considered such as: sitting the spa on a patio base or concrete pad, ensuring access around the full perimeter of the spa for future maintenance and servicing purposes. Creating removable decking or an open crawl space under the decking is required. A drainage point is also recommended.

We would advise against siting the spa on the grass or straight onto soil as this can cause sink age and water damage to the internal electrical components.


We will deliver and site your spa(s) on the date agreed. If it is your first order we will offer a demonstration of how the controls work and answer any questions you may have.

  • RotoSpa’s Advice – RotoSpa’s are known for their lightweight and portability properties, however it is worth ensuring at least one able bodied person is available at the time of delivery to assist our team in terms of guidance and direction. You will need to ensure the delivery route is planned and clear of any obstruction.

It is also recommended the person(s) who will be dealing with or maintain the spas are available at the time of handover.

For further support or to order a replacement part call RotoSpa>