General Questions

My pump is making a loud noise and there’s black bits in my water.

This issue is normally down to the impellor in the wet end of the pump degrading due to chemical imbalance or general wear and tear after a prolonged amount of time. Generally this is an easy repair and should only take our engineer an hour to replace the ‘wet end’ of the pump.

My spa is making a loud sucking noise and/or is surging

Generally this is because there is not enough water in the spa. Please refer to the ‘How to fill your RotoSpa’ videos below to see how to fill your RotoSpa.

How often should I test my water?

Best practice is to test the spa daily when not in use and twice a day when you intend to use the spa; before and after use. There will always be a certain number of bacteria molecules within your water, in order to keep on top of the bacteria levels and to prevent cloudy water you should ensure the chemical levels are kept within the parameters as outlined on the instruction on the chemical containers.

How to fill your RotoSpa videos

Filling the DuoSpa video
Filling the DuraSpa video
Filling the Orbis video
Filling the QuatroSpa video

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