Error 6 Thermal cut out tripped

This error indicates that the safety over temperature cut out on the heater has operated.

This is not necessarily a problem with the controller but is likely down to a restriction in flow and the stationary water within the heater tube exceeding the maximum safety temperature. It may have occurred from an air lock around the heating element, excessive use in hot weather, failure of the pump or failure of the over temperature switch itself. To clear the error manually push the UP, DOWN and PUMP buttons simultaneously, ensure the display clears before showing the temperature or error code again. If the display does not clear the reset was not executed correctly.

If the error code persists follow the steps below.

  • Ensure the spa is at the correct fill level and has been filled via the filter housing, if the water level is low fill the spa and reset as it is likely an air lock has formed. It may take a few attempts to clear the error, no more than 10 attempts.
  • Remove the filter and ensure all jets are open, Reset.
  • Check the pump is working correctly, is the water flowing through the jets after a reset has been carried out? ┬áCan you hear the pump operating but no flow of water? It is most likely an air lock, continue to perform re-sets to clear. If there is no noise from the pump when operated the problem is likely to be a faulty pump.
  • The error code may also be due to a blockage in the pipe work- if you think this is the case we advise an engineer to attend.

View our ‘Resolving an Error 6 message’ video here

If the error code persists please contact RotoSpa for further advice.