The HANDI STEPS that make your RotoSpa even more enjoyable

The Handi Step is the perfect complement for your RotoSpa Hot Tub


As well as providing ease of access, our hot tub steps are highly known to be durable and versatile in terms of its use. With low maintenance, they provide a high-quality solution that will last.

Hot Tub steps are especially useful for elders or people with joint pains who need help to get into the hot tub. Another advantage is that you can take the steps away so that children are not able to get into the hot tub as easily.

The Handi Step features a non slip tread and is made from 100% waterproof materials including UV inhibitors to ensure years of reliable, maintenance free service.

Easy snap together assembly is a key feature and although you will need to exert a bit of force to get the pieces to lock, you will instantly feel the sturdiness and quality of this newly redesigned HS2-2 hot tub step.

The Handi Steps could be used with a straight-sided or rounded spa, helping you to coordinate them with your chose RotoSpa.

So climb in and out of your spa effortlessly with our leading product ‘Handi Step’